16 Blonde Hair Color Shades and Ideas

We usually see that many of the celebrities and women prefer the blonde hair color in their daily lives. There is no any single type style in blonde hair and as you may already know this hair color have many shades. All you need to do is get some inspiration from these colors and find the perfect color for yourself, your personality and your style. As you know there are many celebrities such as Taylor Swift, Kristen Dunst or Emma Stone who usually prefer this beautiful color. This color will never go out of the trends and this is the main reason you should learn more about this color and its shades.

The first suggestion we will provide will be the butter blonde shade. This color is being used by actress Amber Heard. These shades are totally stunning with slightly wavy hair. In case you have the skin color which is like Amber Heard then you should definitely give a try to this shade. The second shade is warm wheatish blonde shade. This color is quite soft and romantic. It is a very good choice for the spring season and also quite compatible with pale and dark skins.

The third one will be the dark ash blonde. This is the hair color of singer Taylor Swift. This color looks fantastic with slight waves and ideal with almost all of the skin colors. It can provide you a warm and lively look and it is a good choice for the winter season. The fourth one will be the platinum and honey foam mix shade. This shade is perfect for the half bun hairstyles. It can be a good choice for the summer and spring seasons. Actress Emma Stone usually prefer this shade for herself.

The fifth one will be medium dark blonde. This is the color which makes the actress Kate Hudson’s hair this much lively. It is not that much light or dark hair color. You can take the advantage of this color with loose waves. In addition, in case you have blue eyes, we can tell you that you are very lucky. The sixth one will be platinum and caramel mix shade. This is the perfect outcome of the mix of two different colors which one of them is dark and the other one is light.

The seventh one is the sunshine blonde shade. The sunshine blonde will allow you to look quite stylish and feminine. As it can be understood from its name, this color is perfect for hot summer days. You can look like goddesses on the beach and do not forget to complete your look with red lipstick. The other shade is the copper blonde. This shade is the main reason how actress Amy Adams look attractive with her hair which falls down to her shoulder.

The ninth shade is the wheat and caramel blonde shade. This is the result of an idea to mix two different hair color shade. The caramel lines will be included on the hair at your cheek level in order to put your face and eyes to the fore. The tenth one will be the strawberry blonde shade. This lively, feminine, romantic and sweet color is being loved by many women. In addition, it can look much more bright with the curls you will have to your hair. It will be a good idea to complete your strawberry blonde hair color with pastel makeup.

The eleventh suggestion will be the honey blonde shade. For instance, the soft honey blonde shade of actress Jennifer Lawrence provides inspiration to many women from all around the world. This color is compatible with all of the short hairstyles. In addition to these, you may think about including some light highlights. The other shade is the ash blonde hair color. This is one of the sub-shades of the blonde which ash effect included in it. The ash blonde is quite popular in recent years. You can put this color to the fore with straight and sexy hair models.

The thirteenth shade will be the bright honey foam shade. This color is obtained by adding more shine to the well-known honey foam shade. This color is quite compatible with blunt and layered hair models. In addition to this, you can include some long bangs to maximize the feminine look. Famous star Taylor Swift usually prefers this style and shade a lot. The next suggestion will be gray blonde hair shade. The slightly gray shades make the blonde color really good. It is quite stylish and ideal for hair with medium length. It also provides a natural look to women. Famous star Jennifer Aniston usually prefers this hair color and she knows how to maximize the effect of this shade with slight waves.

The fifteenth one will be the sandy shade which we see these types of colors a lot in recent years. A slightly sandy blonde can make any women look totally different. In addition, if you will let your hair fall on your shoulders, the sandy blonde will make you look fantastic. The next suggestion will be white – warm platinum shade. This shade is being used by sexy Victoria’s Secret model Candice Swanepoel and she manages to look stunning with this blonde shade. This shade can make you look sexy and stunning. It is also quite compatible with smokey eye makeup and light colored lipstick.

These were all of the suggestions we planned to provide for you. We have selected these colors as a result of an extensive search on the internet, fashion magazines and podiums. We believe that you can find the hair color you are looking for among these shades. Keep in mind that not all colors can look good on you due to your skin color. This is why we have provided some of the celebrity names to you together with them in order to check their skin color and other features before giving your final decision.

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