Blorange Hair Colors and Ombre Techniques


Today, we are going to share a totally new hair color which is one of the trends of the upcoming season. The blorange hair color will be the most popular hair color shade among women during this summer season and in case you want to keep up with the new trends, we highly recommend you to keep reading! This trend will have a large part of the new year trends.

Blorange Hair Colors and Ombre Techniques

In fact, when we take a closer look at the current trends, it will not be possible for you to see single colored hair colors a lot. Of course, there are some colors such as platinum blonde and chocolate brown hair colors which are considered as classics now. However, it is possible to figure out that although these colors are combined with different colors with different hair coloring methods such as balayage and ombre.

Trendy Blorange Hair Colors

In addition to this, we should not forget the pastel shades which have been preferred especially by the teenagers for a very long time. As there are many weird and extreme color shades among these pastel shades, there were some other colors such as rose gold that can be easily used in regular days. In fact, we should figure out that blorange hair color trend was on the way when the rose gold hair color become the trend a few years ago. Well, what is this blorange hair color trend that we have been talking since the beginning of the article?

Blorange is the combination of blonde and orange which reminiscence the soft peach shades of the sky during the sunset. In fact, it is the reflection of the reddish and orange colors of the sky during the evening which most of the photographer’s name this period as the golden hours for shooting.

Blorange Hair Color Photos

The color discovered firstly when famous hairdresser Alex Brownsell tried orange shades on the rose gold hair color of Georgia May Jagger, who is the daughter of Mick Jagger. With a photo share of May Jagger on Instagram, this trend gained reputation and as a result, it is now one of the most popular trends.

When you will check the photos that we have shared with you in this article, you can easily see that this hair color look very good on many hair color shades starting from golden blonde to platinum blonde. They look very good on blonde shades. They can also look perfect on other hair colors which their roots are dark. In addition to these, they look perfectly fine with the balayage and ombre coloring techniques.

Blorange Hair Color Look

This color will leave blonde hair after the frequent wash by losing its pastel shades just like in all other rose gold shades. This means that losing their color and being not able to retain their original color for a long time which is a problem in all pastel shades is valid for this color as well. This is why it is really important to use shampoos which have dye protection.

The orange hair colors are suitable for any women from all ages. It let the all skin colors shine as well as they look very good on curly hairs and straight hairs. It will be quite easy for you to obtain these orange hair color shades in the event that you have blonde hairs or your hairs are already bleached just like most of the pastel color shades. In addition to these, those women who have darker hair colors should start with bleaching their hairs and this process may take some time depending on the shade of their hair color.


We believe that you should never try to obtain this hair color on your own at home. Because this color is obtained with the use of red, orange – copper shades and blonde hair colors. This is the main reason you should always consult to your hairdresser for such hair colors. Otherwise, it is highly possible to not achieve the desired results and even you may burn your hair while trying to get the best possible results. Keep in mind that the hairdresser who will deal with your hair and dye them should have enough knowledge about this trend in order to have the best results.

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