New Hair Color Ideas in 2016 – 2017 for Blondes

Blonde ladies which can use the every hair color are quite lucky in terms of the hair colors. However just like in all skin colors the blonde ladies must prefer the right hair colors in line with analyzing them good. In the event that your skin color is in gold or yellow shades then you have the warm skin color however in the event that you skin color is in pink shades then your skin color is cold colors.

The blondes are quite lucky in preferring the dark hair colors because they can apply almost all dark hair color without any problems and they can use any shade you want. However just like in all hair color selection you have to determine what your skin color is. In order to determine it get a piece of white paper and hold it next to your face while you are standing in front of a mirror. You can easily determine whether your skin is closer to the pink or gold colors.

New Hair Color Trend Ecaille
New Hair Color Trend Ecaille

In the event that you are bored from your classic blonde look and you want to provide you a mysterious look to yourself then you can consider using the dark brown hair colors. Most of the dark hair color shades are not preferred for those blondes with light skin colors because the dark shades can make you look pale more than ever. You can try out the ash brown and light beige hair colors for your cold skin colors. Do not forget that your makeup must complete your look whenever you decide on to darken the hair color you are using right now. Using the right makeup tools especially the dark ones such as black can make your makeup look good with your hairs. For a more radical change you can always try the blue – black hair colors.

For those blonde ladies who have warm skin colors can use the chocolate and auburn hair colors mostly. Bu using the golden brown hair colors you can have a shiny, warm and soft look especially during the summer seasons.

New Hair Color Ideas in 2016 - 2017 for Blondes
New Hair Color Ideas in 2016 – 2017 for Blondes

In the event that you have learned you have cold skin color with the white paper test and you are willing to prefer the dark hair colors then you must prefer the brown shades definitely. The brown shades which will be compatible with your blonde skin will provide you more mysterious look.

In the event that you have a very light skin color you need to stay away from the very dark hair colors as much as you can and you can prefer the ash brown, shiny brown, ash auburn, light chestnut and golden brown hair colors.

Those who have warm skin colors are quite lucky since they can prefer the all shades of the auburn hair color apart from these you can also prefer the chocolate brown, shiny brown as well as the dark hair colors with ease.

When you dye your hairs to the dark hair colors pay attention to your makeup to let it be attractive. Otherwise when you will not wear any makeup on a black hair you will look older and paler than you are.

Black Hair Pale Skin Grey Eyes
Black Hair Pale Skin Grey Eyes

The famous blondes prefer the platinum blonde, blonde, sandy blonde, beige shades, brown and caramel brown hair colors and most of them also prefer to adorn their hair color with balayage and highlights.

Some of the well known blonde celebrities are Jennifer Aniston, Naomi Watts, Christina Aguilera, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Bosworth, Nicole Kidman, Paris Hilton, and Jessica Simpson. You can find the best hair color that can look good on you by checking their hair colors. You can look very good with these hair models as well as hair colors. You can also check out the pictures that we have shared them in here just for you in order to get more inspiration. It will be better for you to make the enough research about your future hair color before you give your final decision for your brand new hair color.

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