Platinum Blonde Hair Color Trends 2018

All the shades of blonde hair colors are assertive but the most assertive one is platinum blonde- and its shades- without a doubt. We are going to approach the platinum blonde hair color which has become trendy again after Taylor Swift has worn perfectly. I want to start with the history of the blonde hair color and shades. The passion of platinum blonde has based upon the Roman ancient years. As you could know, Roman women were really careful about their maintenance. They all wanted to impress their men and they probably managed it perfectly. Because they made too much effort to find the products that are beneficial, proper, useful or practical. In these ancient days, blonde hair color has known as Goddess hair. Roman women fix themselves up with the German women’s hair or waited under the sun for hours to lighten their hair. Unfortunately, most of them have poisoned while they were trying to lighten their hair with the help of acidic products.

The blonde hair color has been symbolized innocence and pureness in the depth of the ancient history. As a matter of fact, even the Renaissance painters has drawn the hair of Eva Mother in blonde hair color. It was also the same in the ancient Egyptian area. On the other hand, they also gave too much attention to the sun. Sun was yellow and some women’s hair are blonde. There must be a contact with these situations. So, they also thought that the women who had blonde hair color were the reflection of the Goddess’.

As you see from the introduction of the article that I prepared for you blonde hair color was really precious to women throughout all the history. It is not that different at the present time. For most of the women, the blonde hair color and shades are a passion and sometimes ambition. And the platinum blonde hair color is the boldest shade of blonde hair color. Unfortunately, the platinum hair color which North people naturally have can only be got by oriel which is a product for lightening the hair. And the thing that must be underlined is the process of going the platinum blonde hair color is really hard. Once the platinum hair color does not go well with every woman. It must be suitable for your face shape, skin tone, eye colors, and eyebrows. The platinum blonde hair color is recommended for those women who have lighter, white or brown skin tones. It is also hard to use this hair color. You will really need to make well maintenance if you want to go this color hue. Even if this color fits like a glove to you the work does not end with you. You need to have talented hands to take care of the platinum blonde hair color not only to have the right tone but also not to lose your hair as a whole. Because the platinum blonde hair color is both brave and risky choice for women who has not naturally blonde hair color and shades. As a last thing, i would mention, is the hairdresser choice. Because the platinum hair color and hues can get hard, you should find a hairdresser who can provide you the exact state of this hairstyle. Otherwise, it is absolutely possible to you to lose your hair instead of you think you had a perfect look with platinum blonde hair color.

Platinum Blonde Hair Color Maintenance

Blonde hair color gives women a glamorous look and is more difficult to care than the other colored hair. For a woman, hair has a meaning of reflecting energy, inner world, and her soul. Healthy and well-maintained hair is just every woman’s dream. You should not forget that for women who dyes their hair in the platinum blonde hair color, it will be a little difficult to turn to the old state of their hair. Because this hair color is obtained with special color lighteners and the chemistry of hair is affected by this process. Because of this, platinum blonde hair color requires more care. I wanted to include the clues about platinum blonde hair maintenance in this article for you platinum lovers.

First of all, if you have a light skin tone, the platinum blonde hairstyle will be more suitable for you. It will be correct for women who has a skin tone that gets darker to the wheat tones, to prefer the darker shades of blonde hair color. The most natural image of the blonde hair is the dark blonde hair roots and light blonde towards the ends. However, this is different in platinum hair color style.  The platinum blonde hair color has almost the same tone as the roots to the ends and the maintenance is also more difficult.

I would like to remind you that for a more vivid, well-groomed, healthy and fancy platinum blonde hair, you need to make a careful maintenance plan. Because to get the proper hue on your hair, you should make your hair without pigments by using various chemical substances. Especially in the summer months care and attention to detail are increasing. Because for a woman with platinum blonde hair, it can be probable to lack of protein. In this case, maximum fussiness is required in order not to damage your hair. Pools containing chlorine and sunlight absorbing directly will affect your platinum blonde hair negatively. What you need to do for this is to buy hair care products that are effective against chlorine and sunlight. You can find these products in every cosmetic shop. You can take advantage of shampoos, hair creams, care products that are produced for platinum blonde hair. We recommend you to make hair care mask once a week so that your plush platinum blonde hair will last longer. You need to wash your platinum blonde hair with warm or cold water to make it look brighter and more vibrant. Using hot water while washing your hair will cause it to worn out more quickly.

Platinum Blonde Ombre Hairstyle

Platinum blonde is one of the most beautiful ombre technique styles that is preferred by many women for all times. This hair color has a stunning appearance with its feature of perfect color as we mentioned above. One thing is important for those who want to go platinum blonde hair color at the first time is that the most common and trendy ones are either light and gray shades. Of course, the choice is up to your desires. But if you are looking for a more fashionable and attractive ombre hair color it is absolutely recommended that you would better go for ash blonde and gray ombre styles. These are the most suitable colors for if you don’t get the proper platinum hair color. The other point is that if you like classic or natural looking ombre styles more, you should opt for having more dark and light ash blonde hair color. As we said before the choice is yours. We just present you the styles that must be done with an expert’s hands. Platinum blonde ombre style is a perfect choice for whom needs a change to her hair.  


Golden Platinum Blonde

This is an undertone of platinum blonde and it is generally found as one of the most epitomes of old fashion glam. It is also a hard process to get this hair color especially if you have darker hair and skin tone as we mentioned above. But of course, you can have this view by only trying this golden platinum blonde hair color tone as Gwen Stefani has worn. Golden platinum is one of the risky tones for brunette skinned women. You should be careful before trying to go to this color. But, if you can find the right tone with your hairdresser, you can have a perfect shade that is a secret to a luminous glow. And if you can manage the proper tone of it, you will see yourself unique when you look at the mirror. This is a really rare hair color hue, so you should not be upset if you can’t get the proper hue.

Yellowish Platinum Blonde

This is another hard to get platinum hair color hue called yellowish platinum. It is preferred mostly in 60’. If you like those times fashion of women you should really try this golden platinum blonde hair color. I can hear that you are thinking that you might try this blonde tone as a pretty faced woman from now. Yes, you think just right. You can easily seem as pretty as Carey Mulligan who really wears this color perfectly. She has flaxen low light streaks that can be presented the most proper epitome of this hairstyle. In addition to this, is you want to vivid your hair you can complete your perfect look with a face-framing makeup. As I said before you should not be sad about couldn’t finding the proper tone of the platinum blonde hair color hues. But you should still try.

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