Nut Shell Hair Colors ideas

Nutshell hair color is one of the trending hair colors that have been preferred by many celebrities from all around the world together with the famous beauty bloggers. Why should you not keep up with the current trends and learn more about this new and beautiful hair color? Keep reading for more!

In the event that you are looking for a natural hair color then the nut shell hair color is the thing you are looking for. The nut shell is a pleasant auburn shade and it is beautiful with its soft and natural look. The naturalness which is trend in hair world in recent times is being reflected to the hair colors as well. Very natural hair shades are rising together with this trend. The nut shell is among the colors which has right to be one of them. The nut shell is a close shade to the auburn and it especially looks good on white skinned women. As we can see from the Beyoncé, it is possible to say that it looks good on wheatish skins as well. In the event that you want to have a blonde shade but do not want to give up from auburn, you should definitely prefer this hair color. Nut Shell Hair Colors and Nut Shell Hairstyles

As you can pay a visit to hairdresser in order to have this color you can dye your hairs on your own at home with the ready to use nut shell hair dyes. In the event that you have blonde or light auburn hairs you can achieve this shade on your own at home. However in the event that you have brown or darker shades in your hairs firstly you have to lighten your hair color and then apply this color. Since this color has a shade which is calm, in the event that you have a yellow skin it can make you look pale. This color will look good on women with pink sub shades and look better on them. This hair color is compatible with natural and nude makeups instead of excessive makeup usage.

The nut shell hair color will comply with the nude makeup trend which is trendy in recent times. Besides the long hairs, this hair shade can look good on short hairs. In the event that you have a bob hairstyle you can have a great look by dyeing your hair to nut shell hair color. In the event that you have straight and wavy hairstyles, it will be easier for you to use this hair color. Different Nut Shell Hair Colors ideas

Nut Shell Hair Color Catalogue

Those who are looking for a nut shell hair color catalogue can use the following numbers. In the event that you are going to dye your hair on your own in your home you can try the following hair dye brands; Sea Color, L’Oreal, Palette, and Koleston. In the event that you are looking for a light auburn nut shell hair color you can prefer the products of these brands which are starting with 7, in the event that you prefer the light auburn shades you can use the products starting with the 6. In the event that you prefer the Dora reflection in your nut shell hair color you can use the 7.3 numbered L’Oreal hair dye.

Nut Shell Hair Dye Number

In the event that you are willing to have the color without spending time and effort you can go for the 7.3 numbered nut shell hair dye of the brand of Garnier.

Nut Shell Hair Colors

We have provided some samples in our article in order to help you to decide about which color you should dye your hair and let you to have a general information about it. In this way you can convince yourself and determine the color you are going to apply.

You can check out the other hair colors and suggestions in our website and do not forget to follow us for the recent trends.

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