Prominent Shades of Brown for 2018


Hi, ladies! We are going to talk about shades of brown for your hair. The shiny and rich tones of brown make the brown hair color so popular. You have so many options here. Your hair tells a lot about your mood, personality, and your style. It is one of the first things that people notice once they look at you. So, it is very important and tricky to choose the right color. It needs to go with your skin, eye color and your own style. We are here to help you find the perfect hair color for you. Choosing the best color can look hard, but it is not impossible. Shades of brown are elegant and casual at the same time. So, brown hair is easy to use. Once you dye your hair, you are never going to want to change it back. Let us take a look.Golden Brown Hair Color 2018

Golden Brown Hair Color

If you have peachy or golden skin, brown or hazel eyes, this shade is perfect for you. You can create a beautiful combination with some blonde highlights. You should try it with short hair. Because it is going to make you look more feminine and wild. Golden shades of brown hair are absolutely noticeable, which means you are going to feel like walking on the red carpet every minute of the day!

Cocoa Hair Color

This shade has a fresh look. It is suitable for females with fair skin and if you have blue or green eyes, this shade will make your eyes more noticeable. It is perfect for women with naturally brown hair.

Sandy Brown Hair Color

This shade has been in trend for a while. It is recommended for females who have light skin color and blue or hazel eyes. You can upgrade this shade with blonde highlights which are going to make your look even sexier. You can achieve a richer look by having caramel and blonde balayage on this base.

Cinnamon Brown Hair Color

Here is another awesome shade of brown hair! This one goes with all skin tones. It is a soft shade of brown and it can never be outdated. It does not matter your hair is short or long, curly or straight, this shade of brown is going to look good. Cinnamon Brown Hair Color 2018

Rich Medium Chocolate Hair Color

If you are looking for a hair color that will not distract attention from your face, here it is! This shade of brown goes with any makeup style, that means whatever you do or not do, you are going to look great.

Chestnut Hair Color

This one is more reddish brown and it also goes with every skin tone. If you have brown or green eyes this shade is perfect for you. This shade of brown has a soft and cute appearance. And it also looks natural. You can use it with short hair and maybe even forelock!

Bright Brown Hair Color

If you want to have a lighter shade, you must try bright brown. You can soften it without changing your basic color. Ombre would be a good choice. Or you can add blonde highlights. It is going to look silky and it goes with all the skin tones. If you have straight hair, you can try braiding your hair and after few hours, just open your hair. Here you go! You have waves and blonde highlights, which is going to make you look like you are on vacation every day! It like summer on your hair.Bright Brown Hair Color 2018

Copper Hair Color

You must really have the guts to change your hair color into copper. It looks gorgeous but it comes with a price. It is really hard to keep it shiny all the time. However, once you start using it, you will never want to change it again. You can create a combination of red, brown and orange, which is going to be unique and make you look great. When you support this color with golden tones of your makeup, you are going to have an elegant and showy look. You can also choose a nude-colored dress, which is going to make people focus on your flamy hair.

Mocha Shade of Brown Hair Color

Mocha shade is a gorgeous hair color. You can match this shade with light brown hair, which is going to make you look sweet and natural. The best hairstyle choice that goes with this color would be large loose curls. That is a perfect match!Mocha Shade of Brown Hair Color 2018

Burgundy Highlights

Brunettes! This one is especially for you. It perfectly goes with dark brown hair. If you are tanned and looking for a suitable hair color, this is the best one! You can mix it with brown-black hair color and have an unexpectedly good solution. It is going to be unique and gorgeous.

Light Ash Brown Shade

Even though it looks like ashy blonde hair, this shade is definitely gorgeous. It’s mysterious look makes this color very sexy. If you have blue eyes and light skin tone this shade is perfect for you. The best hair length that goes with this shade would be medium. Light Ash Brown Shade 2018

Using Layers

The best way to use sharp layers is to have dark hair. It is like these two things are destined. If you have curly and dark brown hair, you are from the lucky few! This hairstyle is going to make you look sexy and pretty at the same time. And giving your hair layers is one of the easiest ways to change your look. Your hair is going to be easy to pull up. You can do it messy or not, but you definitely look gorgeous.


Here is another great idea for brown hair color: Casual curls. You can use this look on any event you attend. It is very easy to achieve. You can make it messy or tight. Either way, you are going to look more feminine than you already are. If you have cappuccino hair color and blonde highlights, you can make your curls more bounce to have an elegant look.

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