All Essential Vitamins for the Health of Your Hair

Every woman always dream of having healthy, soft, bright and strong hair all the time and they pay a lot of attention in order to ensure this. But in addition to using special hair care products which contain too many chemicals, you have to pay a great attention to your feeding. In fact, feeding is much more important than anything else in terms of your health. Well, do you get the required vitamins to make your hair healthy? In case you are not sure about the answer do not worry since we have carried out a research and compiled the required vitamins that you need to take for healthy hair.

The first vitamin we will inform you about is the folic acid. Well, what are the effects of this vitamin for your hair? First of all, it is quite effective in terms of preventing the hair loss problems. It also provides a faster hair growth by speeding up the renewing of the cells which stimulate the hair growth. In case you began to see white strand on your hair then it will be good for you to take this vitamin on a daily basis in order to stop the increase in amount. So in the event that you are willing to increase your daily folic acid intake then you need to consume the following foods which are wheat bread, orange, mango, broccoli, avocado, lettuce, asparagus, spinach, lentil and dried bean.Take Biotin For the Health of your hair

The second vitamin that you need to take is the Vitamin A. It will help your hair to shine like they have never shine before thanks to its antioxidant content. It will also strengthen your hair with its content that helps you to fight against the hair loss. In addition to these, it will serve as a barrier and it will protect your hair against external factors. Experts especially suggest consuming vitamin A for those who are working in stressful jobs. Well, what you need to consume in order to get vitamin A to your body? A woman who wants to increase their daily vitamin An intake should consume the following foods; mango, tuna, red pepper, melon, dried apricot, lettuce, pumpkin, dark colored and fibrous greeneries, carrot and earth apple.

You can easily guess the third vitamin that you should get, yes it is the vitamin C. It can easily protect your hair against the external factors while it will be also fighting against the free radicals in your body. As you know it has the antioxidant effect. It will allow you to feed your hair in a better way by increasing the blood circulation on your scalp. It is also well-known by being effective in terms of fighting against dry hair and splits. You may already know about which foods you need to consume in order to increase your daily vitamin C intake, however, let us sort some of the foods which are high in vitamin C in case you may not know some of them. These foods are; parsley, papaya, pea, tomato, citrus fruits, strawberry, broccoli, kiwi, dark colored and fibrous greeneries, and all peppers.vitamins to take for healthy hair

We have another well-known vitamin in our list to make your hair healthy again and this is vitamin E. Researches proved that vitamin E is highly effective in terms of the production of new hair strands. Since vitamin E has a very powerful antioxidant effect, it can serve as a barrier in order to protect your hair from external factors. Those who worry about the hair loss should consume a plenty amount of vitamin E in order to prevent this problem as soon as possible. You have to consume the following foods in order to ensure the sufficient intake of vitamin E; pumpkin, broccoli, olive oil, trout, shellfish, avocado, sunflower, almond, spinach and soy choose.

Now we will mention some other vitamins which are not well-known in terms of their positive effect on the health of your hair. We will begin with vitamin B7 which is also known as biotin and you probably see this as an ingredient in your shampoo or hair care products. Although it is not widely known vitamin B7 is the most important element in terms of the hair growth. Almost all of the shampoo and hair creams that claim they strengthen your hair contain plenty of vitamin B7 however, of course, it will be much better for you to intake this vitamin with natural methods. All you have to do is consume the following foods which are rich in biotin; vegetables, halibut, strawberry, white mulberry, egg, walnut, almond, carrot and leaf beet.foods to consume for healthy hair

Vitamin B12 is the another vitamin that you must consume for healthy hair. It has a great effect on the production of the red blood cells. These cells undertake the duty of carrying the required oxygen to the organs. And one of their tasks is to carry the oxygen to the scalp and this is why it has a vital importance for your hair. It is also effective against the slow growth of your hair as well as color loss. Well, what you need to consume in order to increase your vitamin B12 intake? These foods are rich in this vitamin; white meat, eggs, mackerel, cheddar cheese, low-fat milk, red meat, cornflake, foods with soy, giblets, and shellfish.

In case you will pay attention to your nutrition and increase the daily intake of these vitamins you can do the best for your hair. Try to not get these vitamins in the forms of pills or anything else as a supplement. It will be always better for you to intake them with natural methods which are consuming the foods which are rich in these vitamins. As you can see some of the foods that you need to consume contain more than one of these vitamins. You can consult your dietitian in order to get help to arrange your daily meals too. Try not to consume the excessive amount of these vitamins just because they are healthy since they may have serious side effects on your body.

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