Hair Care Tips from Our Grandmas

Our hair affects our look and they are as important as wearing nice and trendy clothes, have a good and modern makeup. A well-groomed and beautiful hair can help any women to look beautiful and the exact opposite should also be considered too. This means that hair which is not well-groomed may overshadow the look of any woman. Today we are going to share you some things that you need to pay attention in order to let your hair look lively and well-groomed all the time.

You need to be sure that you wet all of your hair before you shampoo them in order to minimize the splits in your hair. In addition to this, excessive use of shampoo may damage your hair as well. Do not forget to rub the shampoo in your palm before you apply it on your hair and do not let it wait on your hair more than thirty seconds. You need to rinse your hair with cold water rather than warm water and be sure that you will rinse your scalp well too in order to prevent any dandruff. You Can Look Chic with These Hair Care Suggestions

When you are planning to apply essential oils to bend your head to the front and then start applying the essential oils starting from the back part to the front while you will be also combing your hair. In case you use the hair dryer too often then listen up; you have to dry your hair with a towel as much as you can before you use the hair dryer. Keep in mind that excessive hot air will damage your hair too.

Sometimes our hair has too much volume and in order to prevent this or at least reduce it to a minimum, you need to moisturize your hair brush before you brush your hair. The volume is provided because of the electricity and your hair is more vulnerable to splits in these times. Always avoid using wet hair brush or comb, this will only increase a number of the splits you have.

In the event that your hair look dull, this is high because of your feeding. You need to check your daily feeding and check which vitamins and minerals you get low in line with your daily needs. In addition to these, you have to always avoid shampooing your hair in the first forty-eight hours after you dye your hair. Probably you may already know this but let us remind you again; stress is the cause of many things in our body and it can reduce the lifetime of the strands. This is why try to avoid stress as much as you can.

In case you like to dye your hair or use the hair dryer too often in order to dry your hairs, do not forget to use hair creams which will strengthen your hair. Fruits, vegetables, and proteins feed your hair and this is the main reason you should always pay attention to your nutrition. If you complain about the dull look of your hair, you may consider cutting your hairs a little bit from the ends. As you can make your hair healthy again, you will also ensure a faster growth with ease with this method.

If you complain about having dry hair or they itch a lot from time to time you may consider washing your hair with vinegar. You can also make your hair look lively with the help of the dry shampoo in case you have naturally curly hair. Always try to prefer natural products for your hair care. For instance, you can prefer the brushes which are made of natural hair. You will see that these natural products are much softer and flexible when compared with the synthetic ones.

Although many women believe that hair spray is their best friend, in fact, it is just the opposite. Excessive use of the hair spray or hair models which require using the sprays may be the worst enemy of your hair. As we mentioned before stress is the enemy of your hair but in addition to stress you need to be careful in terms of smoking and bad nutrition. Try to avoid these as much as you can. You may not be smoking but spending too much time in a place where the smoke exists may have side effects on your hair too.

These were all of the traditional hair care routines carried out by our grandmas. Now let’s provide some information or in other words, some masks for your hair which were being used by our grandmas. The following masks are totally natural and you can guarantee the results. Let’s start with the mask for the worn hair. You will need one banana, few drops of almond oil and sparkling water for this mask. Crush the banana and then mix it with the almond oil. You can apply the mixture to your scalp by gently massaging. Wait for 15 minutes and then rinse your hair well using the sparkling water. Hair Care Tips for Curly Hairs

The following mask will feed your hair and let it shine. All you will need is some mayonnaise, one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and one teaspoon of parsley. You have to mix the mayonnaise, parsley (you need to crush well before adding them to the mixture) and the apple cider vinegar well in order to prepare the mask. Then you can apply the mixture to your hair but be sure that it will be spread equally. You have to your hands and fingertips while applying the mixture by rubbing it. This will make your hair soft. The mixture must wait on your hair at least forty-five minutes and then you need to rinse your hair.

These two hair masks will help you a lot more when compared with the other ready-to-use products that are being sold in cosmetics shops. Moreover, both of them are totally natural and they do not contain chemicals like the ones you can buy from shops. Keep in mind that you need to use these masks regularly in order to get better results.

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