How to Bleach Your Hair with Daisy and Lemon (2 Different Methods)

As you already know the naturalness is in the fore plan almost in every topic and why this should not be applied in your hair bleaching efforts? Since things such as hair dye, keratins, and hair bleachers have side effects on your hair, they all prevent your hair from growing as well as make them look dull. But did you know that it is possible for you to bleach your hair with the natural methods? We will share some of the best natural methods for bleaching your hair in this article and in case you had something like this on your mind, you can take the advantage of these methods easily. But keep in mind that you will not obtain the results immediately. You will have to repeat the process in order to get the desired results and you should not have any chemical process on your hair in order to take the advantage of these methods.

In our first suggestion, we will talk about the daisy juice. This is one of the most famous methods. You have to add one handful of daisy into one cup of water and let them boil for ten minutes. Wait for it to cool down after it boils and let it rest. Now strain the mixture and separate the handful of daisy from the juice. You can throw away the daisy. We highly suggest you apply the mixture on dry hair but in fact, it does not matter that much whether your hair is dry or wet. There are three methods in order to apply the mixture to your hair. You can dip the comb into the juice and then comb your hair, or you can wet the bottom of your hair after you make a ponytail in order to have a look like ombre style, or you can wash your hair with the mixture you have prepared. The choice is all up to you.Bleaching Hair with Natural Methods

You need to go out or balcony right after you will apply the mixture on your hair in line with your wish. In the event that you will carry out this process during the hot summer days and in case you are planning to go and swim you should be careful: do not contact with water in the first thirty minutes after you apply the daisy juice on your hairs. In the event that you will do this at home be sure that you will dry your hair with natural methods such as you can turn your back to the sunlight and let it dry your hair.

After your hair will dry, you should definitely wash your hair. You should not leave the daisy juice on your hair since it may have some side effect on your hair in case it will stay on your hair for too long. In case you will swim, you do not have to wash your hair in advance. In addition to these, you should not apply this mixture every day because it may damage your hair again. It will be better for you to apply this mixture once in every two days. You will have the best results in three weeks and this process will bleach your hairs for two or three shades at most. This means that in case you are willing to have blonde hair, it will not be possible with this method. However, you can be sure that you will have a beautiful hair color and they will look totally natural.

In case you will have some hard time finding the daisy you can prefer the pieplant herb which can help you in the same manner. But keep in mind that it is possible to order the daisy from the internet too.Bleaching Hair with Daisy Juice

Another well-known method is the lemon. This is much more easy method when compared with the daisy method. You have to mix the pure water with the lemon juice and be sure that you will use the same ratio in both of the materials. It is not advised to use ready-to-use lemon juices. Instead of these products get some lemons and squeeze them. Once you will prepare the mixture, i.e., mix the two ingredients you can put the mixture in a bottle and keep it in the refrigerator. It is a must to dilute the lemon juice since it is an acidic fruit. You can spray the mixture on your hair however you need to pay attention to the scalp since lemon juice may irritate your skin. Directly apply the mixture to your hairs by avoiding the contact with the scalp.

Once you will apply the mixture on your hair you have to wait for the sunlight about three hours in order to dry your hair completely. You can get the results very quickly in this method which will be at least one or two shades at most. You can apply this mixture once in every week but keep in mind that you will not get the same results as in your first application. In fact, you will not be able to bleach your hair with this method after the third application.

These are the two well-known methods which can help you to bleach your hair. In the event that you are looking for more natural methods, we can inform you that currently, we are investigating for more to provide them to you. We believe that we will serve more methods to you in our following articles.How to Bleach Your Hair with Daisy and Lemon 2 Different Methods

It will be better for you to prefer these natural methods instead of the products which contain chemicals and damage your hair. In the event that you know more natural methods that you applied before we will be glad in case you will share them with us by contacting us or leaving a comment to this article. We hope that this article provided the answers you are looking for. Have a great day and do not forget to take care of your hair.

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