The Effects of Hair Dye to Hairs

One of the main wishes of the most women in the world is to look beautiful with various methods. While this is an instinct in women, some of the women are not satisfied with their natural look and want to change their look by adopting different techniques. One of these techniques is the hair dye which almost all of the women at least dyed their hairs once in their lifetime. The hair dye is used to cover the white hair you have, darken the hair color that you already have or bleach the hair color you have. But in addition to these sometimes women are willing to change their color due to their emotional conditions such as depression and stress.

Although the right choices in the hair dye can change the whole look of a woman, it will be quite hard for any women who will make a wrong choice in the hair dye selection. During this long period, the hair may face with the deterioration problem. According to the experts, the harm that hair dye may cause on the hair may vary depending on the quality of the dye. This means that the effects of the permanent, semi-permanent and temporary hair dye vary. The permanent hair dye is the ones that give the most damage to the hair. This is mainly because the acid in the permanent hair dye will penetrate to the strand. You will not face with this situation in the temporary hair dye, however, the hair will be damaged in both cases whether it will be permanent and temporary hair dye since they both contain pigments that cause the strand to change color. Let’s take a look to the harms of hair dye to the hair in details.  side effects of the hair dye

Those ladies who will dye their hairs too often will experience hair deterioration and hair loss in time. Since all of the hair dye except the natural henna include chemicals in them, they all will increase the risk of lymphoma cancer. In addition to these, all of them may cause various allergies. This is why in the event that you are going to dye your hairs for the first time it will be better for you to consult your doctor and have an allergy test. Sometimes it may be possible for you to experience wound on the scalp too. In the event that you began to experience dandruff problems in recent times and you have dyed your hair too, it may be because of the dye. In the event that you will dye your hair a lot, it will cause your hairs to whiten early.

Despite these harms, women can not give up to dye their hairs which hair dye contain chemicals that can damage their hairs. Most of the women are not aware of the cons of the hair dye while the rest of them are aware but still insist on using them. So in the event that you are one of those ladies who can not give up to dye their hair, you need to read to following in order to learn what you can do in order to prevent or minimize the harm on your hair. damages of the hair dye

It will be better for you to prefer the semi-permanent hair dye while you are going to purchase a hair dye. These hair dye will come out after fifteen or twenty washes. They do less damage to hair when they are compared with the other hair dye. It will be better for you to arrange the interval between the times you dye your hair. Most of the experts claim that you can minimize the risk of your hair when you will dye your hair once in six months but it will be great to wait for a year before you will change the color of your hair.

You need to perform hair care at least once in two weeks in order to help your hairs to gain their health back and become healthier. You can prefer the natural hair care routine or masks. The hair stylers should not be used right after you will dye your hair. You need to use these types of things at least three weeks after you will dye your hair. In addition to these, you can minimize the harm of the hair styler by purchasing any type of heat protection items from the cosmetics shops. In the event that you have too much complained about the health of your hair after the dye, you can consult your doctor in order to get any vitamin supplement and provide great benefits to your hair. what to do to prevent hair damage

Are there any natural products that you can use in order to dye your hair? Of course, there are! In the event that you have worries or doubts about the health of your hair or you pay great attention to your hair you can prefer these natural hair dye. You can check the labels of the products in order to see whether they contain any chemicals that may damage your hair. In addition to these, you can check the BDIH certificate in order to be sure that they do not contain any of the chemicals.

There is one more choice that you can prefer which is henna. Henna is a natural mixture that is being used in the Eastern communities for centuries. You can buy henna from any herbalist and in the event that you would like to learn how to dye your hair with the henna, you can check our related article in our website to learn more about it. Henna do not provide many hair color options but it still offers copper, red and dark brown options. Keep in mind that henna is a natural item which can not be applied in the hairdressers. Also, you will need plenty of time in order to get the desired results which may take from 5 hours to 8 hours but as it will not damage your hairs it will also help your hairs to be healthy again.

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