2016 – 2017 Short Casual Hairstyles


Short hairstyles are one of the hairstyles which are commonly preferred by women especially during the spring and summer seasons due to its amazing advantages against hot weather when compared with the other hairstyles. In this article we will provide you some casual hairstyles that you can use with your own short hairs. All of these models are quite easy to shape as well as they look casual to provide the look that you are looking for in any occasion you are going to attend. Let’s begin with our suggestions as well as the hair models that you can use with short hairs to achieve a casual look.

amazing black women short hairstyles
amazing black women short hairstyles

Split Your Hairs from the Roots

While you are separating your hairs to the sides, it is very important to do this in accordance with the face and eye type you have. The most important thing is, you have to use sufficient amount of hair product that you will apply ın your hairs right after you provide the shape you want. In the event that you want your hairs to look fresh then you can achieve this look right after you spray your hairs with the help of the hair dryer. In this way your hairs will have a softer look.

Purple Balayage Wavy Short Hairs

In the event that you have recently have your haircut then it may take some time to get use to the look of your hairs. You can make your short hairs lively with the help of the balayage applications. You can apply bright colored balayages such as red or purple to the top section of your short hairs. And then you will have two options that you can prefer to those short hairs; keep your hairs straight and when you shape them with the help of the slight curls you will achieve a look which will be purple in general. Curls that will be highlighted in this manner will provide visual effects in the roots of your short hairs.

Asymmetrical Bob Hairs or New Cut Marilyn Monroe Hair Model

In the event that you already have or at least willing to have asymmetrical bob haircut then you can look like Marilyn Monroe how is one of the sexiest and attractive look of the Hollywood celebrities in all times. The rule that you have to pay attention in here is to apply a shiny lipstick and a sexy eye makeup in order to complete your look in the best way possible.

Short blond hair suggestions
Short blond hair suggestions

Copper Curly Short Hair Models

We have already suggested you some things in our previous articles about the pixie hair models in different color and styles. One of the most popular hair colors that attracted attention from those suggestions were hot colors. Those ladies who have copper hair color have a stance which is found very attractive by others. It is quite easy to achieve the copper hair color you want however it is very hard to maintain its care all the time. The copper color hairs will start to pale as you wash your hairs. In order to eliminate this you can provide highlights in warm shades. Keep in mind that you have be sure that copper hair color is suitable for your skin color before you have your hair dyed to copper color.

Sunset Colors in Short Bob Hair Models

One of the wildest hair color trends of the recent times is the colorful hair colors and we all see that. For instance, single colors such as pinks, purples, grays that will be applied on black straight or curly hairs can provide you interesting romantic looks such as sunset.

Short Bob Haircuts for 2016 – 2017
Short Bob Haircuts for 2016 – 2017

Classic Short Hair Models

The short hair models managed to be among the top models of the last 10 years. In the event that you would like to make your classic short bob hair model attractive you can provide blue or strawberry pink colors to your hair in order to have a stylish look.

Soft Short Hair Models

You already liked your previous short hair model however do not have courage to have your haircut to short models again then here is a suggestion you will like as well as will provide you more sophisticated and soft look. With super short layered haircuts, you can look perfect!

Let us know which hair model you liked most and will be willing to use.

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