Short Bob Haircuts for 2016 – 2017

The bob haircuts look very good on many women. And even very beautiful hairstyles can be created when they are supported with the bangs or similar things. While bob haircuts with bangs have an effect such as feminine and modern, fringed bob hair models provide a soft look for the faces. And they are much more preferred when they are compared with the models with bangs in general.

Fringed bob hairstyles can be used in numerous ways. In addition to you can arrange the length of your hairs as you wish, you have both long and short hairs at the same time. Bob hairstyles which began to be preferred by many women in the recent years usually has asymmetrical fringes which you can see some of the examples on everywhere on the internet.

Shaggy Bob Haircuts
Shaggy Bob Haircuts

We would like to give you some information about how you can easily shape your fringed bob hairs. Shape your fringes right after you have your shower and dry your hairs with the help of a towel or hair dryer and then fix your hairs with the help of a soft hair spray but pay attention to not spray too much hair spray to your hairs to not let them look mat. Do not forget to follow us for more information about the hairstyles and hair colors as well.

About 10 years from now the bob models were being used by students but this hairstyle began to be popular among every single women as of the year of 2016. These hairstyles are generally preferred by ladies who are not willing to use short hairs but do not want their hairs to be long and middle aged women. It is possible to see various models are being popular such as bob models at your ear level or asymmetric or fringed hair models which are generally used by the teenagers.

Trendy Bob Haircuts 2017
Trendy Bob Haircuts 2017

These models which are straight and above or below the ear level look good on many face types apart from the round and long faces. However the bob models that end at the ear level look very good on oval faces and women who have long faces can use longer hair models. The triangle faces which have small jaws can use bob hair models which are 1 – 2 cm below the ear level and separated from the middle.

The radical ones of the asymmetric models which attract the most of the attention among the bob hair models and quite popular look very good on women who have sharp facial expressions. The short models of the bob asymmetrical models that have softer transitions look good on oval faces while the long asymmetrical bob models can be used by those who have triangle shaped faces. Round faces can always use the long asymmetrical models however the side which will be long must be layered to complete their look.

Trendy Short Blunt Bob Hairstyles
Trendy Short Blunt Bob Hairstyles

The wavy bob models look very good on thin oval faces which have sharp expressions. The straight round faces should stay away from the wavy bob models as well. In addition to these wavy bob models can really look good on faces which has thin expressions.

As you can understand from this article the asymmetrical bob cuts are ranking number one among the women hairstyles and haircuts and they are commonly preferred by women who are between 15 – 30. This is mainly because asymmetrical bob haircuts let the women look very modern and they are quite easy to use. It is possible to use these haircuts which we began to see them on many Hollywood celebrities in various ways when they are compared with the other women short hairstyles and haircuts.

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