African Hair Braiding Styles

Today we are going to talk about the African Braided hair model that we know you are indecisive about trying this style. But you should not be worry. We are going to make you relief by answering all your questions. Just take a seat and focus on the article that we carefully prepared your you. African braids have always had a fame at all times. Absolutely in 90’s it was very popular with its attractiveness and ethnic style. Actually, before becoming famous, African Braids were used as a religious necessity. But then someone has realized it and make it as a fashion. This hairstyle is a perfect model for those who want to take attention to their hair. Because African braids are really charming if you make it fit with your own style. It also looks crazy as a rocker, naif as a hippie and it can have seemed as a pop girl. Even if it needs low care, it has also a lot of features that you will be happy to hear them. Especially in the summer days, it helps you to protect your hair from bad elements. You can also wash your hair every time you want because it is really easy to dry it in all type of air. You can use hair creams or hair masks as you used to use them with your old hair model. But you will not have a necessity to apply these types of products. Now you can read the article.


How to use African Braids?

The African braid (box braid), which we have been seen more recently, is the process of braiding and shaping hair by adding synthetic hair. This hairstyle started to be famous these days. Everybody talks about this hair model. Famous women are trying this model one by one. We have started to see African braided hair which is shaped by stretching out the hair well and extending synthetic hair addition. As the number of people who want to make African braids increase, the myths about this method have also become widespread! Here are some misconceptions about the African braided hair model from the language of the users:


  1. “The African braid damages the hair very much.”

One of the most common mistakes that seem to be true is a myth. African braid does not cause any damage to the hair, it even relieves the hair and provides benefits by removing it from the need to apply things like hair gel, foam and heat shaping we can say.  It is one of the best explanations that it is included in the ‘Protecting styles’ category. In addition to this, if you have oily hair that you have to constantly break down, and you do not have to constantly shave your hair, your problem of lubrication will slowly disappear.


  1. “How do you wash that hair? It is not possible to clean them!”

African braided hair can also be washed like your natural hair. Using a normal shampoo, when you wash your hair by separating the pieces, at least it will be as clean as your old hair. In addition to this, extra hair creams, hair masks, and similar products do not need to be used, so it is obvious that it is a more economical solution!


  1. “African braids are breaking off and shedding your hair.”

As it is known that a person’s an average of 100 pieces of hair spills in a day. In contrast to your normal hair in African braid, the falling hair does not fall anywhere and stays between the braids because it can not get rid of the braids. When you open your braids, it is recommended that you use it for a maximum of 3 months, seeing normally larger hair masses, at the edge of the sink, creates only an illusion. That’s why I lost so much hair just at once! It leads to complaining about it. However, the hair that you see is your hair that has accumulated for 3 months!


  1. “You will have to buzz cut your hair after you have African Braids.”

Wrong answer! African braided is not done with things like glue or wax. If you can open your hair when you braid your normal hair, it is also possible to get rid of your braids after you have made the African braid. The only distress is that you have to open a lot of braids. If you have friends who like to work with your hair or you have enough time to open these lots of African braids you can easily solve the problem in a short time.


  1. “It is very difficult to use hair with African braids.”

Absolutely wrong! When you make an African Braid, you can use your hair much easier than you normally would. When you have a blow dry, even if only a little damp air makes you turn off your hair very easily, the African Braid still looks cool when you get your hair in the rain, into the sea, lie down, and in the morning! Just think about it. You wake up in the morning and you are going to go to the school and you do not have to waste your time by trying a model for your hair.

In short, do not be afraid and try it if you are trying to be very cool, and you do not want to be interested in your hair, too much!