Awesome Box Braids Hairstyles

Today, we are going to give some advice and answer the most asked questions for you in this article that we prepared for you carefully. Box braids have always been a fashion for all seasons. Especially you can see this by taking a look of the famous women. Because this hairstyle is for women who like to be attractive and rock. It also gives the possibility to be worn in countless styles. In sports outfits, in a casual and even informal situation you can prefer this box braided hairstyle by heart. But you should be open to the ideas that you might not be pleasured. Of course joking… You can have this style in any terms. Even if you are an overweight, thin or round shaped person. Only you need to do is to trust yourself by heart. Now you can read the article and make your own choice that we presented to you.  


Box Braids:

Before you are going to braid your hair in a style which is known as the black braid, African braid or box braid, we answered the most asked questions in this post for you.

Why would you need hair addition?

It is necessary to ensure that your hair appears to be of the desired length and height. Braids made without hair addition would not be as permanent as you would like to hear. The feature of jumbo hair is that it sticks to your real natural hair and could not be slipped.


Will it damage your own hair?

Hair additions are produced specifically for the processes as “black braid, twist, dreadlocks, cornrows, twist and so on. There is no reason to damage your hair. Under normal conditions, your hair wears out due to the procedures you apply (blow drying, hair dying etc.), but after your braids, you will not be able to take any action, your hair will recuperate. You realize that your hair is healthier when you open your braids.

How to add additional hair?

Jumbo extra hair is added with professional techniques without using any material. At the braiding start point, if the image is like a tie ring, it has probably made with the wrong techniques and does not create a nice visual image. The braids that are made with the right techniques, merge with your bottom hair and does not look bad when stretched.


African Braid – Black braid – how long is it can be used?

It can be used for an average of 3-4 months according to the elongation rate of your hair.

Why is the hair which used in the box braids not real?

Real hair, according to jumbo hair additions, is heavy and irritable and can not hold onto your own hair. You can not achieve a permanent result.

Color selection:

You should choose your own hair color or the closest shade to your own hair color. If your hair looks harmonious with your tone, mix colors are blue, gray, red, etc. tones may also be preferred.

How long should your hair to be for the box braids?

It is enough that the shortest part of your hair is 4 centimeters long.


How can the braids be shaped?

Half-Up, Half-Down Topknot, Side-Swept Strands, Center-Parted, Long & Flowy, Chignon, High Ponytail, Ballerina Bun, Messy Ballerina Bun, Fishtail Ponytail, Faux Hawk, French Braid Undercut models can be preferred. But, you can make every model you want your creativity to remain.

How many hours does it take?

According to the model to be made, the time is noticeable, the work of 2 people can vary from 4 to 7 hours depending on the average of a model.


How are the braids washed?

By using cream-free shampoo, you can rub the deep parts of your hair with more of the same degree as you always wash. 1 day a week, if your hair is quickly oiled, it is recommended to wash it once every 4 days.

Can I solve it when I want?

Box braids are not like the rasta. You can cut and solve them from the ends of the braids any place that you do not have your own hair.


Could it cause hair loss?

In one day, 50 to 100 pounds of hair are shed. The spilled hair remains stuck in your braided hair. The hair that you solved when you solve the braids are those that have been spilled in 3 months period, besides the braids do not pour out hair.

Box braided hairstyle goes well with whom?

If the right techniques and individualistic options are evaluated, box braids are suitable for everyone. If this is done by considering the person’s own wishes according to the face lines of the person, the length of the braids, the color tone, the braid model to be made, box braids are suitable for everyone.


Ease of Use:

The biggest reason for being preferred is that it is useful and does not take your time when you are preparing for school in the early hours of mornings. You will not have problems like my hair is broken all day long. In hot weather in the summer, if you try to shape your hair, it will soon become the old form of its. Box braid is very advantageous in terms of time saving, guarantee of deterioration. You will only wash the braids using shampoo and you will not normally deal with processes that take your time, such as creams, masks, combing, shaping, hair drying. This is well enough that you dry and after collect your braids.