Cute Hairstyle Suggestions for The Nice Ladies

We prepared a very special selection of hair models for your little girls. Actually, we should say that we really enjoyed the process of making this article. Because we enjoy everything about the children. How pure, how cute they are…Anyway, let’s get back to the title. I made beautiful hair models for each of your girls.


These models are all suitable for all hair structure and color types. I will share with you the options that are most welcome on search engines and which I think will suit you, on the brink of rich alternatives. These are both easy and beautiful hair models that you can do to your daughter for  school, weddings, day in and day out. I think if you have a girl and you need some suggestions to her hairstyle , I think this gallery will be very useful for you. I must say that I have compiled this article with care and labor when choosing each one with love and liking. These beautiful hair models help you to choose a hair model suitable for your daughter’s hair size, with alternatives suitable for both short hair and long hair. Collection models, braided models, wavy models and hair bun models. Whatever you are looking for, this gallery is ready to be reviewed for you. Now, we can see the gallery of hair models.


Little cute girls start to pay attention to their appearance from very early ages. The mother’s role in this is also quite large. As their hair starts to grow, they love to play with them and make different models. It is also a different pleasure for mothers to decorate their girls. Here are some wonderful hairstyle ideas for both little and school girls.


Reverse French Hair Braid

French hair braided model is one of the most popular and preferred models for school girls. The reverse french hair braid is popular for giving it a different looking in recent times as well. To make this model, you must first separate the hair in half. Then make the part that you are going to braid into three tufts again. And start making the french hair braid reversely. Normally you used to make french hair model by adding the hair tufts over from each other, but now, you should add the hair tufts in the bottom. This model can be made in the form of double braids, if you want, you can get a single braid by combining two braids in the middle.

Ballerina Hair Bun

Gather the hair that you have scratched to the back, collect them in the form of a ponytail. Take a little tuft off the ponytail. And then, make a bun from the rest of hair. After making a bun, wrap the part that you separated before around to hair bun. Attach this part with the help of some bobby pins. You can use colorful bobby pins like pink, red or green that your little girl will probably adore the. On the other hand, if her hair is not long enough to tie her hair up, you can use the sponges that are sold in most cosmetics to collect her hair easily.


Minnie Mouse Ribbon Bowtie Hair Model

This hair style, which has become quite popular recently, has become the favorite hairstyle for both adults which kept their childless in their hearts and little girls. This big bowtie that is in the head of the most popular Disney character Minnie Mouse, takes a lot of attention as a hair model in recent times. To make this hair, first comb the entire back of your hair gently. Make a tight ponytail from the top of your head. After tying the hair in the form of a ponytail, leave a small tuft at the bottom. Divide the remaining pieces into two, and divide them into two pieces with the help of some bobby pins. Once you have made the two tufts into a bowtie and hold it with the help of bobby pins, pass it through the center of the bowtie and stabilize it with some bobby pins.


Your Minnie Mouse bowtie is ready!

Hair Model With Bandanna

The hairstyle of the bandanna is a hairstyle preferred by many mothers. It is also very practical. Make a casual and shaggy hair bun. And then put a patterned bandanna into your daughter’s head. You will get a great hippie hairstyle. We prefer you to do it yourself like the same way. With this share, you can make your little girl very happy. And please do not forget about the hippie songs while you are having a picnic at back of your house with all family in the concept of hippie style.

Now, you can read the article below that contains some hair styles for wedding days for our little cute girls! We wanted to present this article as a bonus. Because we know that you do not want to hurt your girls lie all mothers. Do not worry about it. These models will never hurt your little cute girls’ heads.


Fix With A Buckle From One Side

You can fix a pinch of hair on one side that goes with well to her dress. This will make it easier for her face to open, and her elegant hairstyle will fit very well with the dress.


Cute Tresses

The tressed hairstyle adds sweetness to the sweetness of all the girls! You can only leave the ties you hold with a small buckle open. Let your girl dance as she can dance!


Flowered Crowns

The flowered crowns that are pretty popular for a few years actually suit to the little cute girls. You can decorate the hair that you left open or the ballerina bun with the crowns in colors that are appropriate to the dress.


Side Braids

It is also possible to catch a very elegant model to your little cute girl with a simple side braid!


A Straight Model

If your daughter’s hair is long and medium in length, this model is just or your girl!