Find The Perfect Cut For Your Face Shape

How to Choose the Right Haircut

If you want to choose the right hairstyle, you should first consider the shape of the face. Your favorite hairstyle might not look good on you, but you can be more beautiful with a haircut that is suitable for your face shape in one hundred percent. First you should make a decision about what kind of haircut that you want whether long or short. If you are complaining about growing your hair, you can also find very nice short haircuts that are suitable for your face shape in this article.


Now let us sort out all the models. Decide which one is right for you, according to your face shape. If you still do not know your face shape, you should watch the videos about “How to Determine the Face Shape” on the internet. There are generally 6 types of face shapes. These are oval, square, long, round, triangular and heart face shapes. The most ideal face type is the oval face. Other face shapes are likened to oval faces.

Short Haircuts for Face Shapes

Everyone can not have long hair because of the reasons like a structure of their hair of some have applied too much chemical treatment to their hair. If you have short hair, and if you use a hairstyle according to your face shape, you can enjoy your hair more.


Short haircuts for oval shaped women

As you know, the ideal face is oval. Most haircuts look well oval faces. There is a short haircut, which is a model that does not match any of the other faces, which makes you look very cute. Asymmetrical haircut from the side is a model that I can call it as the male haircut. Your oval lines and this round cut will be a form of the whole.

Haircuts for round face shape

If you have a round face, you are also a lucky one. Like the oval faced ones, you can use side separated bob haircuts or layered haircuts. This hairstyle that is not crazy at all, it can adapt to any atmosphere and can easily be shaped is exactly for you!

Haircuts for square face shaped women

If you have a square face shape, that means that you have hard lines. It’s your choice to hide them or reveal them. By exchanging ideas with your hairdresser, you can find the hairstyle that best suits on you. In addition to this, the side-separated, multi-layered, haircut models such as a square as your face shape will look great on you.


Short haircuts for triangular face shape

When you have a triangular face, it is quite simple to convert your face to an oval face. You can even soften your already polite face with a few scissor movements. The bob cut hairstyle that most women once chose is for you! Locks are the most worthy ones for you!

Short haircuts for heart face shape

Your jaw bones are a little sharp. This makes your face very square and hard. You need to close these bones to soften the view. I mean, very short hair models are not for you. The hair models that fall to the cheeks and become voluminous will look great on you. You can also use hair locks.

Short haircuts for long face shape

The long faces also have a hard look and you need to soften this look a bit and turn it into an oval shape. Unlayered hair models, not for you at all. Asymmetrical bob cut hair models with long fronts and short backs are just for you!

Long Haircuts for Face Shapes

It is a bit troublesome to take care of long hair and show it beautiful. Unrefined layers can cause poor appearance due to oily structure, which can cause bad images. Although long hair is a model that comes to mind, extending to the waistline, you actually enter the long hair category where the hair length is 10 cm past the shoulder line. With a few scissor movements, you can have a long hairstyle with suitable with your face shape.

Find the Best Bangs for Your Face Shape

Long haircuts for round faced women

If you have a round face shape, the top of your head must be volumized to look like an oval face that is an ideal face shape. So, you should cut your hair in asymmetrical form or layered in the top of your hair, this way you can make it more volumized. Instead of blow dry your hair lock not to be flattening, you should take care of it well, and also keep your hair above your waistline. As you can show your hair with big tresses, you can show your face oval by making a ponytail after you have creeped the top of your ear line.

Long haircuts for oval faced women

If your face is oval again, you are very lucky! Short, long, wavy, even, curly! Every hairstyle will suit you. An ideal hairstyle for you is the romantic models with soft cuts and large waves, split in half.

Long haircuts for square faced women

If you have a square face, take your long hair apart from two sides and roll it down. Your hair should cover your jawbone. Light waves make your face thinner. Curly hair also weakens the face in the same way. Also, if you flatten the hair on your shoulder and wave from below the shoulder, pull your attention point to the ends of the hair.


Long haircuts for heart faced women

If you have a heart-shaped face, the lower part of your face is narrow and the upper part is wider. In the form of such a face, it is necessary to narrow the upper part and enlarge the lower part. That’s why you can use hair locks. You should use your hair straight up to the jaw line. From the bottom of the jaw should try the more voluminous wavy models.


Long haircuts for triangular faces

If you have a triangular face, this time the situation is exactly the opposite. Use layered haircuts to make the top of the head wider and to keep your jaw bones in place. With the layers that starting from the top of your head, the crepes will show you the coolest. Flatten the lower parts and destroy the volume.