Korean Women Hairstyles and Hair Color Trends

One of the things that come to the mind of us is Korean girls when the topic is the beauty. They are a nation which pays a great attention to their beauty. They are a society which embraces every detail regarding their beauty from makeup to clothing, hair color to hairstyles. This is why we have decided to prepare an article for you which will include many of the facts that we have gathered from all over the internet.

Korean Women Hairstyles

Korean girls created a unique hairstyle on their own. They include some prominent curls at the tips of their hair to look cuter and more attractive. They also include many other things such as hair clips, crowns and any other stuff that you may think. Well, how can they fix their hairstyle this much robust? In this article, we will provide you some information regarding this as well as the hairstyles.

Korean School Girl Hairstyles

First of all, you have to know the shape of your face in order to choose the right hairstyle for yourself. You can take the photo of yourself by keeping the machine on your face level and take a photo directly from the opposite. In case your photo machine is not suitable to take the photo by yourself, you can ask for help from one of your friends or family members. It is only possible to learn the face of your shape with your most natural look and smiling will make everything challenging for you in terms of figuring out your face type.


Answer the following questions in order to learn the shape of your face. Be honest while answering these questions since you will only mislead yourself if you will lie in these questions. Does your face wide and long? Then you probably have the square or round face. Does the length of your face be more than its width? Then the closest shape will be oval. Does your chin has corners or in the shape of the square? Most of the women who have square face type have the chin with edges. Does your chin be sharp? Especially in case you have the triangle shaped forehead, you may have heart shaped face.

Although hair is one of the most prominent factors in Korean movies, TV series and songs and they are quite impressive. In case you do not have strong, lively and voluminous hair then keep in mind that you will have limited choice among Korean hairstyles.

Red Korean Hair Models

Those women who have too much hair usually become models for hairstyle exhibition so that hair can look much better. There is nothing to worry about in this regard since you will still be able to take the advantage of the hairstyles that we have shared with you in this article. In this article, we will not try to name the hairstyles that we have shared in here since we are not sure about their exact names and this is why we do not want to mislead you with any possible incorrect information.

No matter which hairstyle you are going to prefer, you have to pay attention to let your hair look well-groomed and shiny all the time. This is the most important rule for Korean hairstyles. They usually prefer the brown color and brown shades however in addition to this color you can also use black and silver colors and their shades as well. You need to prefer the hairstyles which are medium as well.

Medium Korean Hairstyle for Women

These are the all the things that you need to know in case you are willing to give a try to the Korean hairstyles. We are going to update our article as soon as possible when we have gathered more information regarding these trends and hair colors in Korea. Korean culture is spreading all around the world, first, it started with the Korean Pop and today their hairstyles and hair colors are dominating the fashion world but especially the street fashion.

In the event that you have any questions on your mind, we will be glad to answer them or search the answer on different fashion sources, this is why all you have to do is leave a comment to this article. We will be replying your question soon.

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