2017 Trends in Hair Fashion

There are always new trends in order to have a chicky look in each season. These may vary as clothing, shoes, makeup, hair, glasses and accessories which all of them changes from season to season. This is why we decided to provide information about 2017 trends in hair fashion to you in this article. There are two different issues which you have to pay attention in this season which are hair color and hairstyle. First of all this season will be the season of natural looking blonde and brown shades. The other one is the soft chestnut hair color which will be quite popular in the year of 2017. Let us examine them one by one with headlines.

Blonde Hair Colors

The ash blonde, dirty blonde, platinum blonde and strawberry blonde will be quite popular in 2017 season. This season the golden blonde will perform a great turn back just like the sun rises in the night.

New 2017 Trends
New 2017 Trends

Red Chestnut Hair Colors

The chestnut hair colors and reddish hair colors are going to be combined in a perfect manner and the red chestnut hair color which is quite bright and lively emerges as a result. Brunette ladies may prefer darker shades of this hair color in order to look more beautiful.

Brown Hair Colors

The brown shades can be used by both brunette ladies as well as blonde ladies. But brunette ladies should prefer softer shades and may have some highlights which are close to black hair color.

Black Hair Colors

The hairs will not look soft and beautiful all the time. Sometimes you may want to look gothic and dark and this will provide a great look in the event that you can provide a good harmony between your hair color and skin color. The black hair color can be a great choice in order to have a gothic look.

Best and Recent 2017 Trends
Best and Recent 2017 Trends

Ombre Hair Colors

This trend may provide the look that your hair color paled however it is the new definition of the chic. You can achieve the best ombre on your blonde hairs with chestnut roots. The short hairs which were quite popular in the podiums of 2016 Fall and Winter will continue to be popular in the year of 2017 as well. You can check the pictures that we have shared in this article in the event that you are willing to look trendy in the upcoming season.

Of course there will be many hair trends in the 2017 season however these are the ones which gave the signals of being trendy. Sometimes some trends will continue for years and this is why we expect to see some of the trends to continue in the following season. So here are some of the trends that we expect them to be trends in the 2017.

Ultra Volumized Hairs

We believe that this medium length ombre hairs will be trendy in the following season which were very popular in Milan, London, Paris or in other words from North America to Europe, in all around the world. Some of the hairstylists also prefer some fake hairs in pink colors in order to let these hairs look more crazy just as in 1980s.

2017 Trends Gray Hair Color
2017 Trends Gray Hair Color

Low Ponytail Hairs

The low ponytail models continued to their popularity in 2016 starting from the 2015 spring season and we believe that they will keep their rise for one more season since this hairstyle was very popular among young women. You can also have a stylish and young look by preferring these low ponytail models and they really look good on black colored hairs.

2017 Hairstyle Trends
2017 Hairstyle Trends

Curly Hairs

The curly hairs will continue to be one of the most preferred hairstyles in 2017 which were declined in the beginning of the 2016 season. You can prefer these curly hairs together with other models such as low ponytails or buns. They are very easy to do in the event that you already have natural curly hairs however in the event that you have none, so you can perm your hairs a night before and you will have the perfect curly hairs when you wake up in the morning.

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