Different Shades of Strawberry Blonde Hair Color


One of the popular hair colors this year is strawberry blonde hair color. Blonde hair color tone is always a good color because of its feature of to be made reddish color characteristic go with itself. It also provides a nice breeze with pale skin, allowing the skin to lose its pale look. Many Hollywood stars and actress-singers are using this hair color. In our gallery, you will find famous stars who use strawberry blonde hair color. This hair color is known as the Venetian blonde. Strawberry blonde hair coloring is also possible with different variations.

When I ask you the question that what is the hair color trend in 2017, I am totally sure that you will think the strawberry blonde hair color at the first  time. To make make-up suitable for strawberry blossom hair color, let us give you a few very important clues. After you have done this hair coloring, you may look perfect with black mascara, pink lipstick, and light-colored blusher. There are many famous women who preferred to try strawberry blonde hair color, you can be inspired by these women. If your makeup is compatible with this hair color, you will look unique as you always wished to be. In order to be an example for 2017 hair color strawberry blonde, you should scroll down to see what favors are used to see the page and take a look at our gallery!best strawberry blonde hair colors

Strawberry Blonde Hair Colors and Strawberry Blonde Hair Models

Strawberry blonde hair color is a hair color that is known and used by the women who are following the fashion. There are many sub-tones and variations, and almost all are very stylish and modern looking hair colors. Among the famous names, it is a hair color which is used frequently in the last period. For example, Nicole Kidman, Amy Adams, Isla Fisher and Sienna Miller have all seen with strawberry blonde hair.

Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

Strawberry blonde hair color is basically a blonde hair color, but it also contains copper and brown hair colors both and even more of them. If you want to try the lighter shades of strawberry blonde hair color, I would say it will look a little dull. Therefore, it will be more advantageous to try darker and shiny shades. The most suitable hair models for strawberry blonde hair color, are mostly wavy hair models, I think. But of course, it is worth to say here that your preference and your skin color are more decisive factors.

In the photo above, you can see with your own eyes how nice and elegant the strawberry blonde hair color is on the wavy hair models.dark strawberry blonde hair colors

Strawberry Blonde Hair Colors

If you are following hair color trends, you have your knowledge, but let’s repeat it again for those who do not. In 2017, hair style is all based entirely on naturalness. This is why natural hair colors and patterns such as strawberry blonde hair colors, ash-colored and shiny hair colors are so popular in recent times. Here are some inspirational suggestions for strawberry blond hair colors.

We came to the end of our gallery. You see with your own eyes how wonderful the hair color of strawberry blond hair is. If you want to have a brilliant, eye-catching and remarkable hair color, the strawberry blonde hair color will be the color you’re looking for. If you are still unable to make up your mind about choosing a hair color, you can check out the bonus part below and find your own blonde hair color tone.

BONUS: What is your blonde hair color tone?

1- Platinum Blonde Hair Color:

This tone is the clearest color of the yellow ice. In addition to it is very hard to maintain, it is a tone that gives you a perfect look when you’re wearing it. It is almost impossible to use such light tones like platinum blonde, white blonde, gray-blonde hair color, forever (unless you are looking at being bald!). Because when you open your hair tone once, your work does not end. As your hair roots go out, the tone opening process must continue. If your original hair color is dark, it may only require a few operations, even for the hair roots.light strawberry blonde hair colors

Platinum blonde is good for cold skin tones, that also called for summer person. At this point, cold tones may not feel as if their hair is dyed blonde, as they tend to have more ashy tones (which is a colder tone). At this point, you can decide whether you like the cold shades of the blonde or the warmer tones with a little jewelry test. For example, if you like silver jewelry and you think it is better to yourself, you can choose colder, neutral tones. If you like gold jewelry, you can go to warm tones.

2- Honey Blonde Hair Color:

This color is not a very light tone, like platinum blonde or white blonde hair colors. It is a tone that reflects the sun’s rays very well. Its usage is also easier than light tones. It also gives excellent results in those who have warm skin tone.

Previously, those with darker skin color other than white or brown were thought to be unable to use the blonde hair colors. However, in recent years those with dark skin color have increased their interest in blonde hair coloring. For those with dark skin color, experts generally prefer blonde balayage that are used towards the ends of the hair rather than the entire hair blonde.strawberry blonde hair colors for medium hairs

3- Golden Blonde Hair Color:

If you are a person with a warm tone like Beyonce, the dark tenderness of the aquamarine and the golden glow can be a great choice for you. Thus, it will be enough to go to a hairdresser less amount of hair color than the other blonde shades.

Gold blonde hair tones, especially when applied in the form of balayage, are very natural. Especially it is suggested that the blonde balayage that are applied on the only end of the hairs for whom those have dark skin color. The golden balayage can be applied in the form of “V” too small hair strands, for resulting in a more natural appearance.

4- Bronde Hair Color:

Since 2015, one of the most popular hair tones is bronde. We can define it as a color that is applied lightness on naturally brown, light brown or dark blonde hairs.

It is in fact intended to create a similar effect to the luminosity of the natural colors we just described, which are obtained by the natural action of sunlight. We can say that it is often mentioned with its popularity caught between the famous women. It is stated that the most natural tone for bronde hair is the lighting work done with 2 tones of light tone up to 3 tones from your own hair color.

What should be noted here is what the blonde tone you want to use during the shading application. Because of the bronde application, the naturalness of coffee brown hair does not deteriorate, and the natural structure of the face does not change. Only the middle parts of the hair and tips can be dyed to capture a color between blonde and brown.stunning shades of strawberry hair color


Finding the Right Hair Color For You

There are two main colors; Cold and warm. The cold skin color has a blue sub tones in a pink main tone and the hot skin color has a sub tones of golden color in a yellow main tone. If you can easily determine your skin color, you can try to do a little test. Take a piece of silver and a piece of yellow gold accessory, and bring it on top of your face, to see which one is closer and more conformable to your skin. If it is close to gold it is warm, if it is close to silver it is cold. Find it Yourself with this little test.

Among the most commonly used and suitable hair colors for hot skin tones are copper tones, cinnamon, ginger, brown and red tones. But this is not a rule if you find the tone from different colors in different tones and apply proper hair shadows it can be suitable for you whether you have warm or cold skin. For cold skin color, we can count the colors like cherry, wheat or honey… You will see the color tones for skin types in the below.trendy strawberry blonde hair colors

It is recommended that those who have warm skin, they should prefer these colors that probably go well with you: Gold, Honey, Caramel, Virgin, Red, Mahogany, Strawberry blonde, Chocolate brown, Ginger red tone, Orange-based red tones, Dark brown or Rust color tones.

And in addition to this, it is recommended that those who have cold skin, they should prefer these colors that probably go well with you: Platinum, Ash blonde, Cream Brown coffee, Dark black, Wine color, Light coffee brown, Mahogany, Plain coffee brown and Medium blonde.

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