Privacy Policy

The following privacy policy of (herein Website) sets forth provisions for the presentation of the content and services provided by the Website. Anyone who will visit the Website, provide content or provide or view any type of information is called “User”. Every User who visits the Website shall be deemed to have read and accepted the provisions of the Privacy Policy of this Website.

  1. The Website can use any type of information collected from the User in order to carry out analysis. The Website can use these data with its partners. However, data such as e-posts and other personal information will not be shared with any partner, company, institution or other organization without the consent of the User.
  2. The Website does not publish any of the personal information such as phone number, e-mail or other relevant information on the Website. Also, will not share this information with any partner, company, institution or other organization in case the User demanded the otherwise.
  3. No any personal data (such as name, address, phone number or e-mail) will be collected unless you provided with your own consent. In case you will provide some of these data to the Website, the data will be stored by the Website in order to provide you better services by means of marketing, marketing research, following of the sale data and contacting with you. In case you will provide these data which are not asked by the Website, then you will accept that you give us the permission to use these data in line with the privacy policy.
  4. The Website will reveal your personal information to the third parties only within the legal cases and legal procedures. These are;
    1. If we receive any request from the authorities
    2. To protect the property rights of the Website
    3. In line with the rules, you accepted in Privacy Policy
  5. Your personal information which will be stored in the databases of the Website can not be sold, rented or exchanged with any third party. None of the information will be shared with any other third parties apart from those notified in this Privacy Policy. The Website takes all the measurements in order to fulfil the conditions that have been committed in this agreement.
  6. The data collected by the Website will be stored in a place which is not open to the public. The Website takes the advantage of any industrial standard in order to ensure the protection of these data. However, none of the companies can ensure the safety of the data they protect in virtual environments.
  7. You have the right to change the data you have provided to Website at any time.
  8. The Website has the right to suspend or terminate your account in case you do not comply with this agreement.
  9. The data on the internet may be circulated without enough security and may be used by unauthorized parties due to the nature of the internet. This usage and losses arise by this usage are not the responsibility of the Website.
  10. In some cases, data which are not personal data may be collected. These type of data include; the browser you are using, your operating system, the domain name of the website where it leads to our website.
  11. A data can be placed on your computer while you are visiting the Website. This data may be the cookie or other relevant data and it can help to Website. For instance, the cookies will allow the Website to adjust the websites and ads in line with your interests and preferences. There are options in order to prevent cookies, delete the existing cookies and receive a notification before cookies are stored in all browsers. You can receive more information from the guide of the browser you are using in this regard.
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