Best Strawberry Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Strawberry blonde contains fundamentally blond tones but it is a rich hair color that contains copper and brown tones too. If you want to apply softer tones of strawberry blues, I have to say that it will look a little dull if your skin color is also bright. Therefore, it will be more advantageous to try darker and shiny shades. I think the most suitable hair models for strawberry blonde hair color are wavy hair models. But of course, it is worth to say here that your preference and your skin color are more decisive factors. If you are following the hair color trends you will know but it will be good to repeat for those who don’t. The hair trend of 2017 will entirely be based on naturalness. This is why natural hair colors and patterns such as strawberry blonde and ashtray colors and shiny hair colors have become so popular in recent times.


After several tries, women who have to get their hair dyed to strawberry blond are finally happy. Since we women can’t stand looking at the same thing all the time, we often change our hair color. We try until we have finally satisfied with the color that shows the beauty of our face. Strawberry blonde is one of those colors that almost everyone can use.

It is also very important to apply a proper make-up for suitable for strawberry blonde hair. You may look perfect with black mascara, pink lipstick, and light-colored blush. There are many celebrities who have tried strawberry blonde you can get inspiration from these celebrities.

Strawberry blonde creates an unusual scene with some painting techniques and it also looks very elegant. Nicole Kidman, Sienna Miller, and Isla Fisher are among the celebrities who tried this color. The one that leaps out most is the shadows on neutral colors. Some may like more reddish tones, however, it can be said that there are dozens of types of this color. You will see several compositions of strawberry blonde with different shadow techniques and different patterns used together. You can find several tones of the color in this article which we have prepared for you and it will be clearer for you to decide what tone to choose according to your

Shadows are Important, Create a Contrast

It provides a nice breeze with pale skin, which helps to lose the pale look of the skin. Many Hollywood stars and singers are using this hair color. This hair color is known as the Venetian blonde. Strawberry blossom hair color is also possible with different variations.

However, white skin is known to reflect the real beauty of strawberry blond better. And this color looks just great with long and plain hair since there are several shadows. The shadows are what creates this color. This is not a straight color. There must be several darker and brighter tones of the main color in order hair to look as if it is shining.


Remember that this color is not ginger, this means that it offers a lot of possibilities with your clothes. It is a blonde tone with warm golden shining reds added. If the natural color of your hair is close to blonde, it will be just perfect for you. However, you can add some more golden red strains in order to approach the strawberry blonde.

There are several compositions of strawberry blonde according to the color of the skin of the woman wants to use this color. If you are close to brunette, you can try a brownish strawberry blonde with brown shadows and red shining strains between. Also, you can get the roots dyed with visible black. It will show the bright red and yellow strains more clearly and thus it will actually show the color combination that is aimed to be reached.

Make Your Hair Shine

Also, more golden strains will look so pretty if you are a bit brighter than brunette. It will too signalize the bright golden strains and create an easy view to look. It starts with dark brown from the roots and it gets brighter to the mid-shaft, then it turns to milky brown and bright golden strains sprinkled to the recesses. It ends with an adorable lose brown. This tone of strawberry blonde will look best with curly long hair since there are many shadows and shining strains shown.


There is another beautiful tone of strawberry blonde in which brighter roots are chosen. It starts with a bright orangish brown from the roots and added waves of bright yellow on the mid shaft. It can be said that this tone of strawberry blonde is for wavy hair too. Because it gets brighter to the end.

Another tone of the strawberry blonde starts with black and continues with a solid golden red, sprinkled bright red on recesses. It is really close to ginger but it is for sure a unique bright color with magic touches. It ends with a brighter blonde and the line divides two color patterns can be clearly seen.


More Contrast

When it comes to the hair, you do not have to pick only a single color. This is another one of the most beautiful dye jobs.It is a strawberry blonde tone that you can use with any length since it contains two patterns. Two bases of colors are spread all inches of colors so it looks more balanced than the others. It starts with a milky brown from the roots, without shining too much it slowly turns to a bright golden tone beautifully. Because of this, you can apply this color to your short or long hair with your mind at peace.


If you like shining colors more, you can try a much bright tone of strawberry blonde, which starts with a dark brown and it acutely turns to bright yellow to the end. It creates a beautiful contrast on your hair by not revealing the length of your hair. I hope that you enjoyed.