Burgundy Hair Color Suggestions

Do you really love the red hair color but you want to change your hair color since you have been using it for too long? What about changing its shade? The burgundy hair color may be a great choice for these ladies and you can learn more about it in our article which we have prepared for you.

Did you bore from your current hair color? In the event that you will want to add a new touch to your look with a new hair color, here it is! We believe that you can find the suitable red or burgundy hair color for yourself but are you ready for it? Preferring a new hair color is not a something that you can decide in a hurry.

Before you decide on your new hair color there are some issues that you must pay attention as before the dye and after the dye process. In the event that the condition of your hair is not good, you have to make it healthy by applying some treatments such as moisturizing it. Once your hairs will be healthy again, then you have to decide on a hair color which will be compatible with your skin color. In the event that you really want to change your hair color then the hair color selection graphic is a good tool to determine your new hair color shade. There are four basic colors which are blonde, brunette, red and black. Burgundy Hair Color ideas 2017

There are many popular red hair colors such as auburn red, red, strawberry blonde, orange – red, copper, blue – red, ginger, cinnamon and purple – red. In the event that you really want the red hair colors you must think about which shade will look good on you and then consider the compliance of it with your skin color. We believe that the red hair color list that we will share in the below can help you in order to select a hair color in accordance with your skin color.

1- Red Hair Colors for Light Skin Color

Luminous and lively strawberry blonde or shiny copper or red color are among the red shades which look good on light skin colors. This will prevent ladies to look pale. Also those people who have light skin colors should stay away from burgundy red, wine red or maroon red.burgundy hair color ombre ideas

2- Red Hair Colors for Medium Skin Color

Those who have medium skin colors should always prefer medium auburn red shades, and medium copper blonde hair colors. This will make your skin color look wheatish and you must stay away from the dark red shades.

3- Red Hair Colors for Dark Skin Colors

Brown shaded red hair colors, chestnut auburn and mixed red hair colors look good on dark skin colors. These people should avoid from the superb red shades.

What are the Red Hair Color Shades and How You Should Select Them?

There are four main hair colors. A hair color guide can provide you a clear look and allow you to realize the red hair color shades. The four main hair colors are these;burgundy hair color with highlights

Ginger Hair Color

This shade looks like the red color on a woman who has natural red hair color. This is ideal for those who have green, blue, hazel eye colors and slightly reddish skin colors. The red color can look good with shades in this shade however it is advised that you should not prefer dark shades.

Copper / Orange Hair Color

This version is the most popular shade of the red hair color family. This color is lively and it reflects the light a lot. The advantage of this hair color is, it is compatible with all skin colors. In addition shiny orange or copper style has the sense of attractiveness, women look quite beautiful with this hair color.cute burgundy hair color ideas

Blue Red – Red Hair Color

As you can understand from its name there are blue shades in this hair color but it does not mean that this is a full red hair color. It looks good on any skin color in the event that the shade application will be applied in a good manner. In the event that you like to attract the all eyes on you and you have a rebellious style this shade is ideal for you. This will provide you a attractive and adventurous look.

Purple Red Hair Color

This color looks like black cherry, plum or dark strawberry color. This color looks good with olive skin shade and natural dark hair color. Those who have white skin color must stay away from this hair color. In the event that you have a wavy hair, prefer this hair color since it provide volume and a different look to you.

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