Shades of Red Hair Color For 2017

Red Hair Colors and Models

Women get bored their own hair color after a certain period and want to change it into a different color. Painting hair is a job that needs courage; But after finding the appropriate color and hair models for yourself, you can dye your hair in any time without thinking. Red hair color is a color preferred by many women, But this color is also divided into different shades in itself and there are some tricky points for you to find the most appropriate color tone for yourself.

Red Hair Colors and Tones

Red color hair tones are although among in the most difficult to use tones, but they are also the most preferred one. This hair tone which is mostly suitable for women who have white skin and colored-eyes can be used for women who have other skin types like we see those women in streets, at work and so on… You can be sure that the red hues of 2016’s trendy colors will also be seen in the 2017 catalogs.


One of the disadvantages of using this hair tone is the possibility of a color run. If a color has run, small changes may occur in the color tone. To prevent this, you can use natural or better quality organic hair dyes. In either case, however, it is unlikely that the runoff will occur. Without interrupting your hair care, you can also get ahead of this dye to run if you do it consistently. Nevertheless, the red tones of your hair will worth it.

Copper Red Hair Color

Copper red hair color is one of the red tones that often preferred by many women. While this hair color creates a very sexy view on you, it gives great harmony for women who have wavy hair. If you want to add some energy and vitality to your hair, you should definitely try this color. This hair color can also be toned to be light and dark in itself. Generally, with the woman who wants to dye her hair in the summer, prefers copper red hair color; Woman who want to dye their her hair with this color when winter approaches should opt for dark copper red hair coloring.


Red Chestnut Hair Color

Women who want to have more naturalness and brilliance in their hair may try red chestnut hair coloring. We have started to see red hair tone often in women who have forelock. This tone of the red will give you the same air as the red, even if it comes to the forelock as the red chestnut color tone in the fashionable models. If you have a dark skin, there is no reason why you should not try red chestnut hair coloring.

Wine Scarlet Hair Color

With wine scarlet hair color that is as fluid and impressive as wine, you’ll look more attractive than you are as you always wish to be. If you have a brunette skin and want to apply one of the shades of red color hair, you should definitely choose wine red hair color. Red scarlet hair color can run from your hair faster than other red hair color tones. You can figure it out by using the sodium-free shampoo that is specially produced for red hair.

You can also apply it to yourself as you can see, even though it has a perfect harmony with the light-skinned ladies. You can decide and try a red tone that suits your own skin with the help of that there are a lot of red tones. When choosing hair colors in red tones, we also recommend taking care into the consideration. You can have a perfect red hair color with a permanent hair treatment and use sodium-free shampoo.

Red Hair Dye Colors 2017

Two of these tricky points are your skin color and face shape. If you have a white skin and a face with thin lines, the dark red color will look great on you. Because dark red may turn into a very gloomy color on dark skins and round faces and overshadow your beauty. If you have white skin and a round face, bright red or red hair shadow will look much more stylish rather than dark red. If you have dark skin, no matter what shape your face has, you should definitely choose the bright tones of red. Even, red is a color that should not be preferred on dark skins; because if a correct tone is not selected, an incompatible image will appear. For this reason, you can use red color as hair shadow.

You would want a fancy haircut after you have found the most proper red that is suitable for you and had your hair dyed. Let’s talk about haircut models that are suitable for the red color. If you want your hair to be short, the most suitable model of red hair color is the short hair model that extends from the back to the front. The back part of the hair is cut very short that allows your back of the neck to be seen, the strands coming to the front flows to the bottom of your ears.  This model is among the new trends and many famous models prefer this model. If you are looking for a factoid haircut model, the models in which a side of the hair is cut much shorter than the other (it may even reach a flattop) will be the best for you. If you can not cut your long hair, straight cut models are very suitable and preferred for the red hair.

Trendy Red Hair Dye Colors

It is also very important that what kind of a makeup you wear if you want to have your hair dyed in red color. As you know, it is always very difficult to apply a suitable makeup, if you have red hair. It also depends on the tone of the red color that your hair has. At first, you should know that the best color you can choose which will be suitable for your red hair is red again. If you want to take no risks, be sure that red lipstick will save your dinner, which you will eat with your flirt. If you don’t like your lips to shine, you can choose a matte red lipstick, which will be more difficult to disappear. Remember it takes much longer for matte lipsticks to leave your lips. So be careful while you are choosing your lipstick for the dinner, which is actually the most important part of a good makeup.

When it comes to the eyeshadow, you definitely choose a dark color for your eyes. Also, especially if your hair is dark red. A dark eyeshadow will make your eyes look much bigger and bright than they really are. In fact, that is why eyeshadow has been invented for. But make sure that you adjust the shadow you want your eyes to have, otherwise you may create a dark image.


One more thing that you should never forget about red hair color is that it is, for most of the men, of course, the sexiest hair color that a woman can ever have. As we have mentioned above, especially if it is dark red and black with hair shadow too. Shadowed hair colors are found much more nice by the men, rather than a straight color. But of course you are to choose and we are sure that you will choose the best makeup for your red hair.

And one last thing that you should never forget. Do not ever choose a red dress for an important dinner. It will be much riskier than wearing yoga pants for this dinner. Choose a color that both includes other but suitable colors with your hair, while watching for the type of it. If your hair is long, you may choose a long dress. But if it is short, it means that you are rich of options. No matter if it is short or long, you can choose a dark blue and dark green colored cute dress which will be very suitable for your red hair. You can complete your combination with cute black or silver earrings while picking up a black scarf. Remember, black and red are sisters.


So there are dozens of combinations in which you can use black and red much more. Also, because black is a black color, which is suitable for any color, your red hair will directly attract the attentions and you will not be able to get rid of the eyes staring at you in the restaurant you have gone. What’s more, you can choose black shoes in order to complete your combination, you can choose black court shoes or flat shoes. Flat shoes will be much more cute, of course. Don’t forget to apply nail varnish, which will be suitable for your red hair. You can choose matte nail varnishes if you want to create a different and feel different accordingly. But since your hands will be seen too much, you better watch for the nail varnish you apply on your nails.

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