We Prepared the Most Vivid Shades of Burgundy Color as Hair Colors of Beautiful Ladies

Burgundy hair color, which is ideal for those looking for a difference in their hair color and squeezing out of classical hair colors, can be a great choice. Since it is a color that can go well with any kind of skin tone, you can try this color easily. If you do not have the courage to try one of the red hair hues, burgundy can be a very good start. Because of it has a darker tone than a red hair, does not take many risks.

Burgundy hair is a color that can flow as quickly as other red tones. In this reason, if you use a few drops of glycerine oil when you are washing your hair you can protect it for a much longer period. As long as you make your regular care, you can enjoy your burgundy hair for a long time. If your hair color is too dark, you can reach the burgundy color by lightening your hair. However, if you dye it without ever lightening it, there may be burgundy transitions in your hair. If you have a light brown or blonde hair color, it is much easier for you to go burgundy.


Burgundy hair color, can be counted in red hair tones. However, it is much easier to use it than using the exact red hues. In addition to light skinned women, wheat skinned women can easily use this color. Especially if you have medium or long hair, this color will show itself better. The model that suits burgundy hair is straight hair. After you have dyed your hair with this color, you can straighten your hair and make the color much more frontal. With this hair color, especially dark lipsticks may look spectacular. You can get a stunning look by catching up with the burgundy lipstick which is one of the fashion trends. This hair color is among the hair colors that can match both the gothic style and the classical style as well as the sporty style. So if you are looking for a hair color that will go well with your style, burgundy hair color may be ideal for you. It is also useful to say that it is one of the rare colors that look good with both exaggerated makeup and non-makeup.

Do not waste your time to try this hair color which is one of the easiest to use. Here are the burgundy hair color models we have compiled to give you an idea. By looking at these examples, you can make a decision about this color.


  1. Red Velvet Hair Color

Red velvet is one of the rich tones of burgundy is really good for who are looking for to an instant confidence booster. After you dye your hair in red velvet, when you walk in the streets you will look as a head turner. Everyone will want to see you again after first they saw you. So there is no reason to go to your hairdresser to change yourself.


  1. Cherry Bombshell Hair Color

This hair color is not so popular besides the other but it is a unique one for whom those want to look as unique as they can. Cherry bombshell is a sassy shade that will give you more attractiveness more than you want.


  1. Mahogany Mocha Hair Color

If you want to be really cool with a classic color hue, you should absolutely try this beautiful shade of burgundy. You can add some bright shades of burgundy to this hair color for being more cooler. You can shape your hair as wavy as you can to express yourself better.


  1. Sexy Sangria Hair Color

If you are afraid to go to red tones like burgundy, this is a perfect step as it is a great transition for you. You will be not that red but more soft than it. You can look both sophisticated and sexy with this hair color because of its natural warm tones. This shade of burgundy is really worth to try it.


  1. Sugar Plum Hair Color

If you want to be look as pretty as a sugar plum fairy, I can bet that this shade of burgundy I just created for you. Sugar plum is not only sassy but also adorable with its sweetness. You should use this color tone especially if you are a naturally straight haired woman.


  1. Vibrant Ruby Hair Color

If you are looking for a look that is both rich and vibrant as the title says, you are in the right place. This beautiful shade of burgundy makes you look both fun and flirty with its warm shades. You can mix this beauty this color by shaping your hair as wavy as you can. It is one of the most preferred shades of burgundy by the stars that you always see on TV.


  1. Wine Corkscrew Curls

If you want to be in the center of attention in the streets with your curly hair, you are on the right title. This is an extremely playful punch of color that will take you to the up after you get dyed your hair in wine corkscrew. I can hear that you are screaming that you have a naturally curly hair, if so, this is just your hair color tone in the burgundy area. I can’t see any reason to you not to go to your expert hairdresser as soon as you can.


  1. Burgundy Bangs

Burgundy bangs is a real color combo that will take attention to your beautiful face. If you need a real change to your hair, this is a perfect hue of burgundy that drives people who see you in the streets mad. This color is a perfect example of the mix of bold color and fringe line.

Now, we examine the 8 shades of burgundy today. There are up to 50 hues of burgundy color but we could only share 8 hues with you. But you should not worry about it. We might present you the other tones with you in the future time. That would be perfect for me to share them with you, too.

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