Best Short Hairstyles for Round Faces

Many women have their round face lines. Having a round face does not mean you are overweight, But it really creates such an impression like that. As a matter of fact, women who have rounded face lines always try to create a longer face illusion with their hair models and makeup choices that they need to. In fact, there are dozens of hair models for women who have round face types and when you pay attention to small details, it is also possible to show your rounded face a little longer. If you have the round faced woman,  If you are looking for answers to questions such as “How do I cut my hair? or Which model suits me the most?” here are the hair models that are suitable for round faces:


Hair Models for Round Faces: Layered cut hair models

When it comes to round face lines, hair length is not really taken care of. Because, regardless of short hair or long hair, almost every hair size will fit those women who have round faces. In general, everyone focuses on the appropriate hairstyles for those with a round face. Later parts in the article, I will include short hair models that are suitable for round faces; But if you prefer to use long hairstyles, layered cut is the most often recommended model among the others.


You would be more lucky about occurring your face lines if you are a woman who has straight hair. But it is also possible to you to draw the attention to your hair with these kinds of layered cut models. For example, you can try to apart your hair from one side to another side to have a look like voluminous or you can try the same model from your cheekbone. you can add your beauty more luminosity by applying your hair the latest trend of ombre technique in order to look more attractive and striking.


Models for the Round Faces: Frizzy and Voluminous Hair Models

Actually, the layered cut models serve the same purpose. If you have a round face shape, you should give your hair a volume to be a better look. At least, you can try some models as they are suitable for your round face lines by making layers that start from your chin line which you can get it by using your hair brush or curling iron. this way you can benefit from these slightly curly hair model to give more volume to your hair than it is. sometimes it might seem like it is a fake hair but this is a hairstyle that is jazzed by the right outward curves like many other celebrities preferred. one of those celebrities is, of course, Adele as the most beautiful sample. Thanks to this volumizing, the hair makes a balance with the swollen parts of the face. Like Adele’s choice, volumized bob haircuts are ideal for the ones who are with round face shapes.


Hair Models for the Round Faces: Hair Lock Models

To cut forelocks is often a big question mark for us as women. However, when it comes to round face shape, you should not be afraid of hair lock models. In general, women are worried that their faces will look shorter and chubby because of the hair locks. However, what is important is the style of the hair lock model that you want to cut. I mean, to cut straight and simple hair locks will, of course, make your face look shorter than actually, it is. However, if your forehead is wide, you can make your wide face look thinner and longer by choosing a proper hair lock model with your face shape. The forelock models that are suitable with these points can be like suitable with your layered cut hair, extended to the both sides and can be used as one side hair lock when it is necessary. Especially using one of the one side hair lock models make your face seem thinner than it is.


Hair Models for Round Faces: Short Hair Models

There is no such idea like the women who have round faces should not use short hair models or these short hair models would not probably go with their face shape.  Because the rules and general judgments that are in many subjects of fashion and beauty area are collapsing one by one with the new trends. Now do not be afraid to cut your hair short. On the contrary, many famous people in the country, as well as abroad have inspired too many people with their short hair. Short hairstyles with a fairly modern look are quite suitable for round faces.

For example, the pixie hair models which the neck part is shorter like a man’s hair, extend to the front of your hair and close some part of your face with hair locks are quite popular in this year. On the other hand, the asymmetrical bob and lob haircut models that extend forward from the back of your head are one of the most preferred models you can use with ease. only you need to be careful about is not to choose a model which is one single layered.


As you see we have examined some of the hair models for your round face shape. Almost all hair models are suitable with round faces but you should not abandon yourself to this kind of idea that might be sometimes wrong for you. You should be careful about not to cut your hair in one single size layered cut models. These models may not go with your face shape because of its simpleness. You need some models that will show your face in a right way. In addition to this, you can take your expert hairdresser’s advice in order to make the right decision to look as perfect as you can. I hope that you enjoyed and satisfied while you were reading this article that I have prepared for you.