Colors for Short Hair – Fall / Winter Trends 2017

It is very important to follow trends such as clothing, shoes, makeup, hair accessories to look good. These elements of beauty are the elements that help to bring women themselves to the forefront. These elements have a structure that changes every period of years. If we keep up with these changes, we will be close to the beauty that we wished. The trend means, that tendency to some area. I mean, it is knowing what trends are leading in that moment. Learning 2017 autumn-winter hair color trends will provide important contributions to you especially if you have short hair. In each period, the colors of the forehead change. Keeping up with colors will add beauty to your beauty.


Just as in clothing, shoes, glasses have their own trends, this is also important that what are hair color trends. Ladies, you know that you think about what color you should change your hair frequently and you sometimes slog on when you are deciding the new hair color. As an addition to this if you have short hair, your job is much harder. Because short hair needs something unique but long hair can close most of the faults in your hair. It will be beneficial for you to take a look at this season’s trends for short hairs.

When we look at the hair colors in the fall-winter season of 2017, we see that there are minor changes and basic colors are preserved. The most important feature of the fall-winter 2017’s hair color trend is that it is composed of colors that look completely natural. Now let’s look at the colors of this season.


  1. Blonde Hair Colors

This might seem interesting but blonde hair color still continues its popularity. Trends in the foreground during the autumn and winter seasons are strawberry blonde, ash blonde, platinum blonde, and dirty blonde hair. Gold color and bright sunshine yellow inspired these hair colors.

Creamy Blonde Hair Color: This is a hair color that obtained with the mixture of platinum and blonde. You should definitely try this color which is a full autumn color hue. Especially for those who has short hair, it is recommended with the little pink hair shadow touches.


  1. Brown Hair Colors

Brown with a lot of different tones is a fashionable color for this autumn and winter season. Ladies with light and dark skin can try this color. You can use various tones of brown easily. Do not forget to use the natural shadows with this color.

Hair Roots Are Dark And The Ends Are Light:

It may be difficult to believe but one of the things that trend in this autumn is the dark color of the hair roots and the blonde ends of the hair. You might think that it looks like you’re too lazy to dye your hair roots, but do not mind it. Because it’s both effortless, trendy and a pretty good option.


  1. Black Hair Colors

Your hair may not always look good. In order to make it look good, we have to get help from darker colors. Black hair looks more attractive in this way of thinking. The black color is always a more trendy color than the other colors. It will continue to be so in the fall-winter season of 2017 as well.

Raven Black Hair Color: The raven black hair color, which was actually a bit of a winter color, became one of the fashion colors of autumn as it began to be preferred by some stars. Adriana Lima, Jacquelyn Jablonski, Rihanna, Jennifer Hudson and Joan Smalls are among these stars who dyed their hair in raven black. For those who are wondering which tone is raven black hair color is, we recommend that these ladies take a look of these star’s hairs.


  1. Ombre

This color has become a popular trend in recent years. It will give you the impression that your hair dye has been bleed. The best appearance of the ombre is the hair with the chestnut root applied with blonde balayage. This autumn and winter will continue to spring as the ombre wind. Ladies will increase their beauty by this color option one more time. Now we know how effective are the hair colors to our beauty.


  1. Red Chestnut Hair Color

This tone, which we call chestnut color, is used together with reddish hair colors and as a result, it emerges a vivid and brilliant color for your short hair. Red chestnut is a go-to color for the ladies with more light skin. Women with dark skin can use more intense red hair shadows.

I know that it is hard to be having a long hair. So, I can give an advice about getting your hair cut. It might seem ridiculous but there is no bad thing about trying to cut your hair. I believe that you are always beautiful but do not you want some less effort when trying to give a shape to your hair? I think, you would like to. You should not lie to yourself especially such like this situation that is about your beauty. First of all, as I mentioned below, short hair is really effortless and easy to maintenance. If you are a woman who has a business life, you have various short haircuts on the internet or in our site that I believe you will like them. Once you start to use your short hair, you will be surprised at how easy it is. I know that I might seem very insist but I am saying for your good. And also, short hair seems really suitable with these trend colors that we mentioned before. You can use every color with short hair actually. But there are some points that you should be careful about. For example, when you get your hair dyed in one of the red color hues, you should pick and choose the colors that you will dye as the hair shadows between your hair tufts with considering your natural hair color, your skin tone and eventually your face shape. I hope you enjoyed!