Find Best Hair Color Your Skin Tone

Until today, if the hair that you go to the hairdresser and get dyed is not what you want, and your hair seems to belong to someone else, then you have not yet found the hair color suitable for skin color. Do not be sad, because you are not the only one who get this fault. Usually, the hair colors used by the famous women or those who are in sight become fashionable and these colors are preferred, although they are mostly suitable for skin coloring. How do you determine which hair color is suitable for your skin color?


Which skin color suits with which hair color?

Before you change your hair color, you should make sure that it will match your skin color. Before you get dyed your hair in your new color, be sure to read our guide.

How can you find the best hair color?

If you are usually get dyed your hair, you know how deceptive it is to find the right color. Neither yellow is only yellow, nor brown is only brown  each has many different tonalities and choosing the best for your hair can be overwhelming. If you are going to get dyed your hair or intend to dye it, there are definitely things you need to hear.

Here are some suggestions from us that how you can choose the best hair color that fits naturally and skin color:


Look at your skin color when choosing your hair color

Not only your skin color but also the colors that dominate your entire body you need to pay attention to. Your natural hair color, skin color and eyes color are important factors in choosing your hair color. Limit your natural hair color to a few tons.

Do not lighten your hair too much

There is a limit to lighten your hair color; The natural hair has depended on to your hair color. If you want to lighten your hair, there should not be more than two tones; Otherwise, you will have to say hello to the nice yellow color tone that you might not need it.

Be careful when you get your hair highlighted  

Your aim in making your hair highlighted is, of course, enlightening. But be careful how much you go. When getting your hair highlighted, take a maximum of 4 tons away from your natural hair color; Otherwise, your view will look harder.


Never force yourself

Every human being is an individual and free. The fact that a famous woman looks great with a certain tone of yellow does not mean that this color is right for you.  Love your innate qualities and try to enrich them. Not completely changing it. I can concentrate on making a blonde with hair and skin color dark, But the result will not be so admirable, and of course the hair will also suffer. People are pushing their hair for a very different color than their own; But no matter how good your hairdo is, you will need to be realistic.

Consulting is important

Before going on a major change, start by consulting the hairdresser. In this way, the risk of misunderstanding can be reduced to a minimum; You know exactly what will happen and you have time to think before you make the change.

Brunettes, what color you should choose for your hair?

You should prefer dark hair colors. Brown, black, blue-black, dark red tones are the best ones for you. If you want light colors, yellow tones, you can try high platinum yellow, more colors.


Which hair color goes well with wheat skinned women?

It is ideal for dark coffee brown and chocolate brown tones, brown tones to red color, and dirty blonde is ideal color tones for wheat skinned women.

Which hair colors are the choices of white skinned women?

You can choose the color you want because the white skin color will contrast with all the colors. But if you are not wearing makeup, you might want to decide on a blue-black color instead of a dark black hair color to avoid having a bad look.

The skin color is pink…

Pink skin can use dark black and red tones to provide contrast with unadulterated red tones. Stay away from dirty blonde if you insist on blonde tones.


Which hair colors should be preferred with the pale skinned women?

The choice that will help you show your skin more vivid is the tones of copper and red tones and soft coffee brown and chocolate brown. If you prefer light blonde, you will have to constantly make up because you will draw attention to the solitude of your skin.

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Finding the Right Hair Color For You

There are two main colors; Cold and warm. The cold skin color has a blue sub tones in a pink main tone and the hot skin color has a sub tones of golden color in a yellow main tone. If you can easily determine your skin color, you can try to do a little test. Take a piece of silver and a piece of yellow gold accessory, and bring it on top of your face, to see which one is closer and more conformable to your skin. If it is close to gold it is warm, if it is close to silver it is cold. Find it Yourself with this little test.


We hope that you decided to your hair color with considering your skin color tone and enjoyed this article that we prepared for you. Do not forget that your hairdresser is the most important point when you get dyed to your hair or when you want to change your hair color. After being sure with your hairdresser you can leave yourself to him or her. And you can enjoy your new hair style. And as the last thing that I want to share with you: Good Luck!