Hair Color Ideas for Brunettes

In this article we will be providing 10 different hair color suggestions to you for the brunette ladies with the comment of the famous style provider Robinson. Let’s start without losing time with the first suggestion.

Beach Brown Hair Colors

Robinson states that this sandy brown hair color integrates perfectly with a short haircut of the Emma Watson. This hair color and haircut allow the faces of women to look softer. Watson prefers this hair dye by using 2-3 shades lighter color than her natural hair color between her colors.

Red Brown Hair Colors
Red Brown Hair Colors

Caramel Brown Hair Colors

Robinson states that this hair color includes a lot of details in it. The base color of your hair should be brown and then you can add some shining details to make your hairs look beautiful. For instance, Jennifer Lopez is one of the celebrities who prefer this hair color. You need to apply by using caramel shades on a brown base in order to achieve hair colors like Jennifer Lopez has.

Honey Brown Hair Colors

The harmony of such brown shade and the blonde skin color of the Angelina Jolie makes her stunning eyes and lips attractive. To be honestly, a shade in this color could make a women look ugly who is not preferring to have makeup a lot. All you have to do is apply gold or honey color to your hairs on a medium brown base in order to achieve this hair color.

Red Brown Hair Colors

This sunny golden brown hair color really reveals the eye color of the Natalie Portman, says Robinson. A light caramel and honey colors provides a beautiful look for her skin color.

Mahogany Hair Colors
Mahogany Hair Colors

Chestnut Brown Hair Colors

This hair color is a shade which can be used by everyone, says Robinson. This chestnut brown hair color makes Victoria Beckham’s eyes more attractive than they are. Request caramel and light auburn shades to the tips of your hairs from your hairdresser once you dye your hair to the shades of the dark brown. Robinson says that red shades are the key of the beautiful look. The red golden hairs can make the chocolate color more attractive.

Mahogany Hair Colors

This shade can provide a great look to the Salma Hayek. Robinson says that since the color on her is not close to her natural hair color, it can be perceived as it has done with a single application. In the event that you are brunette just like Hayek you can achieve a great shade by preferring chestnut brown shades to the edges of your hairs starting from the middle of your hairs by preferring two or three lighter shade than your natural hair color.

Medium Ash Brown Hair Colors

Robinson states that this is a great hair color for brunettes and this color makes Katie Holmes a stunning women. In the event that you are going to use a dark hair color then the length of the hairs should be medium. It looks elegant in this way. Long and dark colored hairs will hide your face and body type however it will make your hairs look good. You will like it.

Caramel Brown Hair Colors
Caramel Brown Hair Colors

Dark Ash Brown Hair Colors

The classic hairstyle of the Mila Kumis provides a perfect look for her. Robinson says that they key in this hairs is to include some different shades between your hair which are close to your current hair color. This style works well on long and medium layered haircuts.

Smoke Brown Hair Colors

Since this shade will be hard to figure out whether it is brown or black you need to take a look again to it. The smoke brown hair colors will create a great frame for your face and it will look natural and smooth.

Black Hair Colors

This hair color looks great on brunette ladies, says Robinson. However you should provide a transition from dark shades to the lighter shades in order to create a difference. In the event that you are looking for a darker hair color you must apply some shades on your hairs.

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