Creative Hair Color Ideas for Well-Groomed Ladies

Sometimes you may want to make a change and in the event that you pay a lot of attention to your beauty, you may not want to use any ordinary hair color that you will see on the streets. This is why we have decided to provide you some of the best hair color samples in order to give you some inspiration.

Do you need something new in your life? Should you start with changing your hair color like in different variations? Hair is the first one that once someone sees you in the street. Because of that, women generally take their high attention to their hairs. So you should really be careful about your hair. In this year there are many creative ideas about hair coloring. Especially rainbow colors are so popular with its colorfulness. So today, we are going to talk about some creative hair color ideas that we are sure you will love them. At first, they might be seen as simple but after you dye your hair in one of these hair colors you will see the difference on you among the others around you. We are going to mention about 3 hair color ideas and then, we have a bonus part for you that will contain the colorful ideas as the rainbow trend. And because of we know that it is a hard process to go rainbow colors for brunettes, we wanted to give some ideas to them. Some of these ideas might be seen like it is hard to reach them, but you should not worry about it. Because we will mention about so important issues about this colors.

Violet Black Hair Color

Black hair color is a hair color that always keeps its validity and never goes out of fashion. Some who have naturally black hair or colored black hair, it has a very modern and pleasant appearance. Despite the presence of various shades of yellow or brown hair color, black is always perceived as a single tone. However, the black hair color has different shades of itself.

Violet black hair color, one of these tones. If you want to make changes in your hair color, you can go to purple hair, which is one of the trend colors of this year. If you want a black hair color with different luminosities instead of plain black, violet black is for you too. This hair color has purple sparkles on black hair. Violet black, which matches almost any skin color, is well suited for those who do not want a simple black hair. Especially if you like purple color, you can try this hair color and make your hair shine with the purple glow.

If your hair is blonde or brunette, it is very easy to get this color on you. Contrary to what is believed, if you have light hair color the purple glows will stand out more clearly on your hair. If you have dark hair color, it is possible to achieve the result with using some hair lightener. there is nothing to worry about. But if you want your purple sparkles to be more specific, you should apply this color after you have lightened your hair. You can find this hair color in many hair dye brands, as you can get at home dyeing or at your hairdressers.

Diamond Blonde Hair Color

The diamond blonde which is in the category of light-toned blonde hair colors is a blonde tone that is even lighter than the platinum hair color. In order to have this color which is popular in these days and which is preferred by most of the women, it is absolutely necessary to apply the hair to the hair lightener. Scarlett Johansson and Michelle Williams are among those celebrities we see on the red carpet who prefer this diamond blonde which is one of the best colors to opt for, especially in the summer months.

Diamond blonde hair color is available in many hair dye brands. For those looking for a diamond blonde hair dye number, Garnier’s 11.0 hair dye is a nice diamond blonde in light tones. Because of it is a very light blonde, you should have it done by an expert at your hairdresser, I think it will be a much better end for your hair. You must dye your hair at your hairdresser to keep the color and not to disturb the structure of your hair. There is an important point that you must know that you will have to lighten your hair before you dye it in diamond blonde.

It is beneficial to say that it is a little difficult to live with diamond blonde hair color. It is necessary to make constant maintenance and renewal. If you have dark hair and you have tried this hair color, you should constantly refresh your deep-dye. If it is regularly maintained, this is clear that you will look as perfect as you are.

Rose Gold Hair Color

Rose gold, one of the most trendy colors of recent times, jumped into everything from cosmetics to decoration, from fashion to architecture and it did not pass the hair color trends. Especially after the trend of pastel hair colors, which is another trend in the last period, this color which is much more foreground has already become extremely popular.

After Cara Delevigne is seen with her rose gold hair on scenes, this color, which has been tried by many celebrities, is actually giving the blonde hair a brilliant shine. So, in order for your hair to have a warmer tone and look more radiant, rose gold absolutely should be in your hair color options that you are trying to consider.

This color, which you can choose to gain an innocent and attractive look, is ideal for keeping up with trends, especially in the summer months. If your hair is in blonde tones, this hair color will be extremely easy to apply on your hair. Of course, those women who have dark hair color will not fall back on this trend. You can easily obtain this color by lightening your dark hair with the help of your expert hairdresser.

Rainbow Hair Color Ideas Especially For Brunettes

An important hair color trend that has been spreading rapidly since 2014 is actually rainbow hair colors. For women who can use these unexpected colors in everyday life, it is quite reasonable to describe them brave and self-confident.

Many different versions, including the hidden rainbow, are now being used by women. These colors which were unexpected in the first time they became a trend, have become fashionable now, so they are so really normal. It is possible to see many different versions of rainbow colors such as denim blue, amethyst, rose gold in the streets in these days.

However, these colors and trends are mostly applied by women who have blond hair. As a matter of fact, this resulted in the general conclusion that colored hair are only suitable for blond haired women. The most important reason is actually not about colored hair is not suitable for dark hair; The idea that dark hair colors need to be lightened in a few tones and can be worn off with this application.  We can say that this situation affected those who have dark hair colors. Here, we will show that brunettes can actually use these colors today. Here are the rainbow hair color ideas for brunettes:

What you need to know about dyeing your hair in rainbow colors:

First of all, you should know that your hair has to be lightened in order to apply these colors. In hair color palette, 1 corresponds to black and 10 correspond for platinum blonde. It is necessary to lighten up your hair to at least 6 level (which is the darkest tone of blonde) so that the brunettes or those with dark hair color can use these rainbow colors by applying balayage in rainbow colors on their hair. So if you are worried about that your entire hair is worn off in this process and you may not like it, give up your idea about trying it to all your hair. Try these colors in between your hair and on the ends of your hair with balayage techniques like ombre technique.

Apart from these, according to the color, you will choose among the colors of rainbow hair, the level that your hair should be lightened in will change.

– An average of 8 levels will be required for colors like blue-violet.

– For colors such as red, orange, yellow and green, an average of 7 levels is required. Level 6 may be appropriate if you do not mind that your hair is seen less powerful.

– If you insist on pastel hair colors that we mentioned before you will have to lighten your hair to the platinum level of 10.

Now, we are going to share with you an example of rainbow hair color idea that we hope you will like it.

Moonstone Hair Color:

This color reveals a very lively appearance on straight hairs. Purple, indigo blue, lavender, navy blue and cobalt blue are used in moonstone hair color for this look. In order for the colors to have appeared correctly, your hair may need to be lightened to 9 or even 10 levels. This color will be more suitable for middle and light brown haired women.

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