Guide Through Blonde Hair Color Shades

Have you ever thought to go too blonde? If you have a thought that is close to blonde hair shades you are in the right place. We are going to have a decision for you with finding the most go-to blonde tone for you, together. There are up to fifty shades of blonde hair color so, I hope that we can make it. After finding the right tone for you, you can use this blonde tone with an inner piece. Now let us see the main part of our article that we fussily created for you.


  1. White Blonde

If you want to seem as Rita Ora and you really like to use red lipstick, this is the perfect blonde tone for you. But, you really need to pay attention to not to go white-out tones for not to seem as daunting as a vampire. There is a little border between white blonde and white-out. So you need to be careful about finding the exact white blonde with your hairdresser.

  1. Golden Platinum Blonde

Do you want to be one of the most epitomes of Old Hollywood glam, you can have this view by only trying this golden platinum blonde hair color tone as Gwen Stefani. Golden platinum is one of the risky tones for brunette skinned women. You should be careful before trying to go to this color. But, if you can find the right tone with your hairdresser, you can have a perfect shade that is a secret to the luminous glow.


  1. Silver Blonde

If you need to change your style to  a heavy metal twist, you can be easily changed with this silver blonde hue. You can rock everyone around you with sterling shade. But you should not forget that this blonde tone is suitable for porcelain-skinned women. If you are not, I cannot recommend you this silver blonde tone.

  1. Yellowish Platinum Blonde

I can hear that you are thinking that I might try this blonde tone as a pretty faced woman. Yes, you think just right. You can easily be seemed as pretty as Carey Mulligan. Her flaxen lowlight streaks are the most epitome one to present you, I assume. In addition to this, with a face-framing makeup, you can complete your perfect look.


  1. Golden Blonde

If you want to try some muted blonde hues, this is the just right tone for you. Especially, if you have a porcelain skin, you should absolutely try it. Going to blonde especially golden blonde is a really hard process for dark skinned women. But there is no reason not to try it. You can have an idea by taking a look at Charlize Theron’s photos on the internet.

  1. Bright Golden Blonde

Do you need to find the brightest shade of gold but never goes to be brassy, bright golden blonde is just for you. According to Kate Hudson, you can have a look like her by only making an eye-framing makeup and red toned lipstick.


  1. Root Blonde

Rihanna has used many tones of many hair colors, but this is exactly what she should wear. With long waves and a perfect lock in root blonde hair color, you can easily seem as her. You can use this root blonde shade even if you have a dark skin like her.

  1.  Sandy Blonde

If you need some difference the way you look in this summer months, you should try this sandy blonde shade. You can use this hair color tone with sunny highlights to illuminate around you. You can easily hypnotize the men around you as a very special example as Reese Witherspoon. This is a go-to color for sandy places in summer days like it contains in the name itself.


  1. Baby Blonde

If you need a look like a baby’s purity, you can be both sexy and pure with this baby blonde tone. With the platinum micro-highlights that are framing your face, you can give a fresh and youthful look for yourself. Baby blonde is a perfect hue for all skin colors.

  1. Chestnut Blonde

I can hear that you are thinking that chestnut blonde shade is just created for you. If you have one of the dark skin tones, you think the right way. Chestnut blonde is a perfect hue for brunette haired women. It is not only to lighten up but also to use easily for you as a brunette woman. You can use this hue by a dirty blend of light brown and blonde compliments like it is preferred by a perfect sample of Gigi Hadid’s. You can have a look of rosy and summer glow with this chestnut blonde tone.


  1. Icy-Highlights Blonde

Scarlett Johansson and her probable expert hairdresser again wow us with her icy highlighted blonde hair color. You can never look fiercer as a rock band soloist by making the bevy of high-wattage highlights. Scarlett Johansson is the most beautiful sample of this icy highlighted blonde hair color. I am repeating again that if you are a naturally blonde woman, you should absolutely try this hue on you with inner peace.   

  1. Beach Blonde

If you are such a gossip girl like Blake Lively, you should try this beach blonde hair color on you. There is a trick that I want to share with you. You can use this hair color with sun-kissed highlights that are just dark enough to trick others around you into thinking they’re real. If yıu are naturally blonde or brunette you can easily go to beach blonde hue.

As you see, we share the most preferred blonde hues with you. I hope that you have satisfied when you have read this article. There are two more important points that are you should be careful about choosing the color tone for your skin and original hair color hue. And the second point is as you know going to blonde is a really hard process for dark skinned women. So you should have the right and, if it is possible, the expert hairdresser for your perfect look. Enjoy the colors!