Hair Color 2016 – 2017! A Unique Hair Color Method Application

Hair Color 2016 - 2017! A Unique Hair Color Method Application

Hair color method applications are preferred by many women and it will be no problem anymore. There are some tricks that you have to know in order to let your hairs look healthy and have the desired hair color shade. Here are 5 recommendations for you to adopt:

1- Make your choice well

In the event that you have never tried temporary dye before, it will be better for you to try temporary dye first. In this way it will be easy for you to try again when you will get an unexpected result. Choose a color which will be compatible with your skin and two or three shades darker than your current hair. In the event that you will care the white or gray hairs, few shades darker dye will be good for you.

Colorful Hair Color Methods
Colorful Hair Color Methods

Otherwise you may have orange spots in these regions. When a chemical dye is applied to a hair that is dyed with natural dye, you will need a longer application time that is written on the box. It will take more time to penetrate to the natural hair. Sometimes receiving the expected result may be performed with few dye.

2- Evaluate the condition of your hairs

Check your hairs before you dye them. The result you will get will be better as your hairs will be healthy. That is why perform some hair care to your hairs a week before you will dye your hairs. Try products which has moisturizer substances such as Vitamin B, panthenol, Vitamin E, avocado or Coconut oil. In the event that your hairs are very dry and worn out and you have splits, then it will not be a good idea to dye your hairs. Cut your hairs a little bit and apply hair care for a while and then consider dyeing your hairs. Keep performing hair care twice a month after you dye your hairs.

3- Prefer the right color

The key of the success is to prefer the right color. Check your hair color in the sunlight. And then prefer a hair color which will be compatible with your eyes and your skin color. For instance in the event that your skin is wheatish then you can prefer red, chestnut, copper, red – brown. In the event that your skin color is white then you can try the ashy colors and beige shades.

Celebrity Hair Color Application Methods
Celebrity Hair Color Application Methods

4- Determine a method

Professionals recommend you to start with semi-permanent or dyes which fade when they are washed. They are light products and can stay up to twenty eight washes. In the event that you want a permanent hair dye prefer the formula which does not drip. Also you can prefer the ones which has pre-dye hair care packets. Read the instructions on the box before you start to dye. In this way the application will be easier and and the allergy possibility will be reduced.

5- To protect the color

After you dyed and shaped your hair you will want to protect the color you will achieve. In order to keep your new hair color for a long time stay away from the sun and clore also avoid from using devices which apply high amount of heat to you hairs. They will cause your hair color to fade and also cause your hairs to wear down. In order to keep your hairs bright and healthy apply hair products such as shampoo, hair cream and hair care products which are specially produced for hairs with dye.

2017 Red Hair Color Application Methods
2017 Red Hair Color Application Methods

Things to Pay Attention

  • Read the instructions before you start.
  • Be sure that all your products are ready before you start to dye.
  • Wear an old shirt and use an old towel.
  • In order to avoid spots on the skin apply some vaseline however be sure to not apply it on your hairs.
  • Always wear gloves before you apply the hair dye.
  • While splitting your hairs and spreading the dye use a wide comb.
  • Remove the dye on your skin with wet wipes, shampoo or skin-purifying cotton.
  • Set an alarm for the wash.

Things that Should Not Be Done

  • In the event that you hair is darker than the light brown, do not use bleaching substances. Otherwise your hairs will be orange.
  • Do not sit in a place which is windy or very hot. This will affect the application period as well as the results.
  • Do not talk with the phone while you are waiting, otherwise you may not realize how fast the time will pass.

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