How to Bleach Your Hair with Peroxide

The oxygen water is also known as hydrogen peroxide in chemical terms and it is known as peroxide among the community. Although the peroxide has a bad reputation which is known as it wears the strands, it is also recommended by beauty experts for those women who had challenging times in bleaching their hair with natural methods. The peroxide is a quite good method in terms of bleaching your hair however you need to be careful while you will be applying this method on your own otherwise you may severely damage your hair.

This method provides better results in a shorter period of time when compared with the other methods and you should not neglect to apply hair cream before you start the application in order to minimize the adverse effects on your hair. Well, how can you bleach your hair by taking the advantage of the peroxide? Read the following details carefully in order to prevent any unwanted situation.

First of all the ratio is quite important you need to use the peroxide with 1:1 ratio with clean water. This means that you have to mix the peroxide with the same amount of clean water before you start the application. In this way, it will be possible for you to minimize the adverse effects as well as take care of your health care. It would be great for you to have a bottle at your hand before which you can spray the mixture on your hair. Do not try to wash your hair or dip your hair into this mixture. The recommended application style is spraying the mixture on your hair. Once you will spray the peroxide and water mixture on your hair then dry your hair by using heat with a hair dryer. In the event that the season is summer, it will be much better for you to let your hair dry under the sun in a natural manner.

You will have to wait under the sun about one hour or until all your hair dry. After your hair dry wait for one additional hour in order to maximize the bleaching effect and then wash your hair well with a shampoo then rinse them. In case you already have dry type hair, you may wish to apply some hair care routine with moisturizing creams and essential oil before and after the application in order to prevent any possible damage to your hair.

There is no limit on how many times you can adopt this application but keep in mind that it damages your hair. You can apply the mixture on your hair once in two or three days until you achieve the desired results. In the event that you have a dark hair color this application will provide you a wavy look in terms of the colors however in case you are auburn or blonde woman then you can get the best results possible which will look quite natural.

There are some considerations that you need to pay attention while you are going to apply the peroxide and water mixture on your hair in order to bleach. The following information has a vital importance in terms of the results so please pay attention. The bleaching process will not look natural in case you have a very dark hair color and in case you have brown hair color you may want to think twice before applying this method.

Be sure that your hair is moisturized well before you apply this method in order to prevent any severe damage on your hair. Be careful while you are going to spray the mixture on your hair and wear old clothes which you will not feel sorry when they will have stains on them. The mixture may result from stains on clothes. In case the mixture will contact with your skin, stop the application and wash that area with plenty of water as soon as possible in order to prevent any problems. This is the main reason you should wear gloves during the application too.

Beauty experts also recommend that you should not use this mixture in order to bleach any dye at the tips of your hair. It will be better for you to dye these areas with hair dye for a better result. In addition to the peroxide and water, you can add some daisy water to this mixture in order to speed up the bleaching process. The better results will be guaranteed in this way.

Do not forget the importance of hair care after the application. In this way, you will be able to prevent any dryness on your hair which is a very common outcome of the application. This method may be quite risky for the health of your hair and this is why in case you will not be sure about yourself do not use this method. In a case of any misuse, you may burn your hair or make your hair dull which will be quite long lasting. In some cases, this mixture provides a very poor color to your hair which does not look natural but this depends on the structure of your hair. It will not be possible to learn whether you will get the best results or have a poor look at the end. This is why it will be better for you to make a trial on a pinch of hair. If you will get the expected results, you can apply the mixture to your whole hair.

Keep in mind that the possibility to achieve a hair color which does not like natural is directly related with the hair dye too. So it will not be logical to apply this mixture on your hair in case you have a hair dye on your hair. In addition to these try to avoid the contact with the scalp too. It may lead to sores on your scalp just like the contact with the skin, you need to be really careful in order to prevent such issues.

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