New Hair Color Trend Ecaille – You Must Give a Try

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Ecaille is one of the newly discovered hair colors in the fashion world and in the event that you want to be the trendsetter among your friends, you should hurry and dye your hair now! Before you do that, do not forget to learn more about this hair color by reading the article that we have prepared for you.

The Ombre trend which dominated the 2015 is becoming history. A brand new trend is beginning in this year. The new trend in the 2016 is the naturalness. The source of this brand new and minimal trend is the balayage. However this trend puts the balayage to a side and emerges a new technique which is more natural, darker and again looks like balayage. The name of this technique is Ecaille or in other words it is known as the Tortoise Shell. You should have no doubt that it will be viral before the end of the 2016 season.

The Ecaille technique has a little bit darker and rich color shades with its soft caramel shades when compared with your own hair. This model is quite popular in Paris right now and it contains a hair color which is darker in the roots and lighter to the edges of the hairs; we can consider this model as the more sophisticated form of the ombre that we used to love a lot.

You have some things that you can do to facilitate your work when you visit the hairdresser:

1- Do not ask this model by telling its name. At least do not ask it with its name for now. Since this technique is not that much popular for now only a bunch of hairdressers and beauty saloons are aware of this trend and know how to apply to. This model which began to known by masses will attract the attention of your hairdresser as well soon. Instead of describing it with its name, let your hairdresser to know what kind of a model it is, talk with him or her or directly show a picture of the model that you are looking for. He or she will understand you.

2- Describe the most important points of the ecaille model. In the event that you do not know how to describe the model by talking just tell him or her to darken the main color and let it shine.

3- Ask your question to use a darker shade in the area which covers your face. Ask them to complete the color with soft color transitions while they are going to apply dye to other parts.

4- Ask for various shades. Kindly ask your hairdresser to apply dark shades on the roots and lighter shades at the edges. However you should pay attention to not mistaken with the ombre.

5- Be sure that your hair color is compatible with your skin color. In the event that you have white and pale skin color prefer colors which are closer to gold color so that the colors will be compatible. In the event that you have wheatish skin colors or have pinkish skin colors you must prefer paler and ashy brown shades. In this way you will provide more natural and bright shades to your skin.

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