Rainbow Hair Color Trends for Brunette Women

Rainbow Hair Color Trends for Brunette Women

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One of the most important and prominent hair color trends of the 2016 season which managed to continue until this year is the rainbow hair color. In fact, it will be a good discourse to tell that those women who take the advantage of this hair trend are very brave and have lots of confidence. Today, there are many different versions of the rainbow hair color trend which one of them are the hidden rainbow trend. This trend talked a lot when they were visible about a year ago but today, many people already adopted and liked these trends.

Best Rainbow Hair Color Trend

It is possible to see these hair colors on the streets with different versions such as rose gold, amethyst, and denim blue. However, this trend will look much better and lively in case you will apply these great colors on a blonde base. But do not understand that this hair color trend will only look good on women with blonde hair. It is nothing to do with the base color when it comes to the brunette ladies. These women must prefer the hair dye shades which needs to be a little bit lighter. This is why we have decided to prepare this article for those ladies who are brunette and willing to have the rainbow colors on their hair.

Here are some things that you need to know about the rainbow hair colors. First of all, you need to know that you have to bleach your hair in order to prepare yourself. Number one is equal to black and 10 is platinum on the hair dye scale. This is the information that you need to take as a basis in the event that you are a brunette woman. You need to be sure that you have already bleached your hair to number six which is the darkest shade of the blonde hair color. This is why in the event that you are worried about damaging your hair or do not like the result at the end, then forget about applying the trend to your whole hair. You can prefer this trend in the form of different hair coloring techniques such as ombre and balayage.

Short Rainbow Hair

Apart from these, the ratio you need to bleach in order to use this hair color trend may vary depending on the colors that you will prefer on your hair. In the event that you are going to prefer colors such as blue or purple, then the average bleaching should be at least 8. The average should be 7 in the event that you are going to use red, orange, yellow and green colors. You can also prefer 6 for these colors but it will not be lively. However in the event that you are willing to use hair colors such as pastel colors then you may need to bleach your hair to 10 as well.

Rainbow Hair Color Trends of New Season

In case you still want to apply this rainbow trend then we will be sharing some of the best examples for you in the following. Firstly we will start with the chocolate – lilac hair color. The pumpkin color comes to the minds when a woman is looking for a trendy color for the autumn season. However one of the best alternatives for this trendy color is the chocolate – lilac hair color. This color consists of several warm and cold colors such as dark chocolate, pink, lilac and brown hair color.

Rainbow Hair Color samples

Since it is the combination of several cold and warm colors, this hair color can look good on almost every woman. This is one of the best options for those ladies who are willing to take the advantage of the rainbow hair color trend but do not have light colored hair colors. Keep in mind that the rainbow trend should not only need to consists of light colors. You can have great results by using different colors which you like or which may not require you to bleach your hair a lot.

Rainbow Hair Braids

Let us know what do you think about this trend and are you planning to take the advantage of this trend soon by leaving a comment to this article.

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