Things to Pay Attention While Choosing Your Hair Color

Without a doubt, one of the venues that women spend the most time is the hairdressers. We feel the joy of happiness in the hairdressers whenever we will stressful, depression and other mental conditions that affect our mood and we also want to make radical changes in our hair especially during these times. We may want to change the color of our hair, want to change the length of our hair or change the hairstyle that we already have. Well, what you need to pay attention while you are going to choose your hair color as a woman? In this article, we will try to provide you some information in this regard and we believe that these information will provide you the inspiration that you are looking for.

First of all, you need to pay attention to two different but very important criteria before you are going to choose your hair color. Well, what are these criteria? Of course, we can sort these as age and the skin color. Let us briefly explain these and why they are important.What you need to consider in hair color

Let’s start with the importance of the age in terms of the hair color preference. Of course, age is an important criterion. The things that determine your age is the clothes that you prefer to wear or your hair. You have to pay a great importance to this. For instance in the event that you are going to prefer the blonde hair color then you will look much more mature and older than you are. This is one of the most important details that you have to pay attention to a woman. While some of the colors can make you look younger than you are, some of the colors can make you look older than you are too.

The skin color and the match of it with your hair color is the other criteria that you need to pay attention. We can not tell that skin color is more important than the age however, surely it is not less important than the age criteria too. In the event that you have a light skin color then you can prefer some specific colors such as caramel, light chestnut, copper, chocolate, wine red hair colors or their shades. In this way, it will be possible for you to get rid of the fatigue expression on your face and you can ensure a lively look.

The copper hair color which is quite trendy in the following season will provide you a great look in case you have a white skin color. They will be compatible with each other very well and create a perfect harmony. In the event that you are a brunette woman, you must stay away from these hair colors as much as you can. It will be better for you to prefer the chestnut, cherry, dark copper and black hair colors and their color preference and things to consider

In the event that you are the brunette woman and want to try one of the blonde hair color shades, I have to tell you to stay away and forget this idea. Because although you will love the look of the blonde hair colors, it will not look natural on brunette ladies and your hair will look like fake hair. In this regard, the brunette ladies must definitely stay away from the blonde hair colors. We have written an article about this and you can check it if you want more detailed information in this regard.

In the event that you have wheatish skin color then you can consider yourself very lucky! This skin color is compatible with almost all of the hair colors available in the fashion world and you will not face with any challenging decision while you are going to prefer any of the hair colors that you want to see on your hair. However, there are some colors that can look much better with the wheatish skin color. We can sort these hair colors as honey, carrot, chestnut, blonde and caramel hair colors and their shades.

In the event that you have a sharp frame and you are young too then you should try to stay away from the black hair color as much as you can. This will make you look more aggressive and older than you are. As a woman, we all tend to hide our real age and only a few women do not have any problem with their age. Even you do not have any problems with your age, you may still tend to hide it. This is the main reason why you should pay attention to this detail. In addition to this, it will not be possible for you to change your hair color as soon as you dye them to black.listen to your hairdresser for new hair color

Let us provide some suggestions to you in terms of the hair colors. First of all, you should never give quick decisions to dye your hair. The feeling of willing to make a small change in your hair will result in a very poor look. You can always try to find the best hair color for yourself by considering the things that we have noted in this article. Be sure about yourself and examine yourself well. You may be under stress or other things which can lead to wrong decisions and since hair dye damage your hairs it may not be possible to dye your hair again in a short period of time. Even you may try, you have the risk to burn your hair which is the worst nightmare of any woman without a doubt.

Do not forget to consult your hairdresser or stylist in order to learn more about how you should decide on your new hair color. We have noted all of these information just to provide you some idea in advance and a hairdresser or stylist can offer you much more than what is written in here. You can trust your hairdresser but in case it will be your first visit to any hairdresser you still need to be cautious since you do not know his or her skills.


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  • My natural hair is medium brown, medium short, now is light brown dyed. I have fair skin, and very thin eyebrows, light brown eyes. And i’m 64 years old. What hair color would you suggest to me

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