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No server is available to handle this request. Sitemap You would want a fancy haircut after you have found the most proper red that is suitable for you and had your hair dyed. Let’s talk about haircut models that are suitable for the red color. If you want your hair to be short, the most suitable model of red hair color is the short hair model that extends from the back to the front. The back part of the hair is cut very short that allows your back of the neck to be seen, the strands coming to the front flows to the bottom of your ears. ┬áThis model is among the new trends and many famous models prefer this model. If you are looking for a factoid haircut model, the models in which a side of the hair is cut much shorter than the other (it may even reach a flattop) will be the best for you. If you can not cut your long hair, straight cut models are very suitable and preferred for the red hair.